How to make the most of TIFF at the last minute
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I want to take my son to TIFF next month. We do not have a membership and did not get a package, so it's either individual tickets or rush tickets. What's the better option?

We are interested in seeing non-gala foreign movies, and if we can swing it, also one of the Short Cuts programmes. Maaaybe Midnight Madness too.

I don't know what to expect w.r.t. availability; is it safe to wait for rush tickets, or should I buy tickets for specific screenings before going? Ticket prices have doubled (!) since I last went to TIFF, so I would rather do rush tickets*--plus we like the idea of being kind of-sort of spontaneous with our movie selections (we do have a shortlist).

If we should get individual tickets, what do the price ranges on mean? For example, in "$28-35" is the low end the member price, and the high end the non-member price?

If rush tickets are a safe bet, when should we head over to the venues? I remember skulking around the theatres and waiting for staff to put the "rush tickets" signs out, but can't remember how far ahead of time I did that.

Finally--any other tips would be appreciated :) We have food and transportation covered.

*We won't be bored in line. Son is a friendly teenager and has no qualms with chatting up strangers in line. Or doing stuff on his phone alone if they're reading. (I will be reading)
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Best answer: I've always had pretty good luck with rush tickets, as long as you get in line early enough; maybe an hour-45m before?
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Best answer: I've never rushed a film at TIFF but I've seen at least 20 movies during the festival over the last 3 years. I always end up going to at least a few movies that are a lot less popular (never hit capacity) and thus I assume would be relatively easy to rush.

If you just want to see non-gala foreign movies, I think you would be OK to rush most of them, especially second or third screenings, and especially during the second half of the festival once things quiet down a bit. I'm not sure how popular the short film programmes are but I would hazard a guess that they generally aren't too busy.

When I have a ticket for a film, I generally still try to get in line about 45-60 minutes in advance so that I get a decent seat. If you're going to rush, I would assume you'd want to be there maybe about 60+ minutes in advance, but it would really depend on the popularity of the movie in question.

I like to use TIFFr to plan my festival schedule, and they have a feature where you can see how many other people have favourited a film. No guarantees, but that might be a useful metric for determining how relatively popular a specific film is.

Have fun!
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Response by poster: Thanks both of you for confirming that we should be there around an hour before :)
Also, thanks mr. manager for the TIFFr recommendation! I'm using it to plan our weekend.
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