What's a better name for my Alexa to avoid accidental activation?
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Basically saying "Alexa" for my Amazon Alexa apparently sounds a lot like other things I say. And other people say. And the TV says. So I want to rename her into something less prone to accidentally being said or it's soundalike. I was thinking of Elwood but then thought about how many times I say the word "hell" and "would" every day. So that's out. Others I came up with had the same problem. But there has to be a perfect name just like Orange has a perfect inability to rhyme. What is it?
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There are only four wake words that are allowed - Alexa, Amazon, Echo, and Computer. So, whichever one of those you like best!
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"Alexa" is Echo's so-called "Wake Word."

I'm not aware that you can pick your wake word at random. As far as I know, only the following are supported:

You select the one you want to use in the Alexa app Settings.
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Shucks. I was going to suggest "Bezos", since he and his minions are listening to every word you say.
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What about choosing a one-syllable name and repeating it twice. So, Bob-bob-bob, or Lex-lex-lex.
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"Echo" seems to work reasonably well. False-positives are fairly rare. We tend to have the opposite problem -- Alexa will not recognize the wake word, especially when music is playing.
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I've tested them all, Echo worked best.
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I call mine Gecko, which is close enough to Echo that it works (and gives me a giggle).
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Wait...if 'Computer' is a wake word and the programming allows some wiggle, would 'Manputer' or "Femputer" work? As in "Have you any idea how it feels to be a Fembot living in a Manbot's Manputer's world?"

'Cause that's what I would do.
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I use "Echo" because I have a sister named Alex and didn't want to set myself up for comedy later. It works well enough, although my TV and audiobooks use the word occasionally and make my Dot talk to itself.
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Yes, Echo works well here, too.
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