Sniping, Not Ebay
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I would like to find Sniping software that will work on this auction site. All my searches return Ebay sniping software.
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I'm not positive, but visually these auctions look a lot like another private auction site I use.

Their software is immune to sniping because any bids within the last few minutes of a lot extend the bidding for another few minutes.

Are you familiar with how this site treats last-second bids from a "real" bidder?
posted by tomierna at 4:56 AM on August 29, 2017

You are correct. I watched the auction happen and in fact they do extend the auction time when a bid is placed in the last minutes, (not sure how many before the end or how long the extension is). Thanks
posted by flummox at 9:19 AM on September 1, 2017

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