Good Sniping Software?
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Can anyone recommend a good, free sniping software for ebay bidding?
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esnipe has never failed me.
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I like
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second jbidwatcher.
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esnipe is a website sniping service, not PC software. They offer a free trial and are very reasonably priced after that. I have been very satisfied with their service.
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I like Auctionstealer too.
posted by essexjan at 3:48 PM on March 8, 2008 is another website service - 5 free snipes a week, and they haven't failed me yet.
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i third Used it for two years, works great, and they have proven to be trustworthy. In that time, i believe they have saved me hundreds of dollars. They have a free component that lets you bid 3 auctions a week for free, but on the free side, it puts your bid in 10 seconds before the auction closes. If you pay, you can snipe unlimited, plus it puts the bid in only 3 seconds before auction closes.
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I like
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thirding jbidwatcher.

it is a free, open source (and cross-platform) destkop application which means that you can be confident that it is not doing anything malicious with your ebay account or computer. you can also add, change, or remove functionality yourself by modifying the code.

otoh, jbidwatcher needs to be running on your computer at the time of the snipes for them to actually work.
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I use I wouldn't say that I love it, but it works and hasn't let me down yet.
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Fourthing JBidWatcher
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Another happy JBidWatcher user. If you're a geek with a machine that's always on anyway it's a no-brainer.
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I use JBidWatcher too. I think that makes me sixth.
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7th'ing JBidwatcher.
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If your computer's not going to be on, then use Gixen -- it's always worked for me.
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seconding Gixen
posted by singingfish at 2:00 PM on March 9, 2008 is not free, but has no monthly fees, just a per successful snipe charge of 25c or a percentage of larger bids. It seems cost effective for a one or two auction a month type usage.
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