Proportional sliders à la Humble Bundle
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I am looking for example code to make a similar set of sliders as those on the Humble Bundle site. They let you split 100% of funds in a responsive way, pulling one slider up moves the others down. What is this called and where can I find code to adjust for my needs?

I have tried googling responsive slider etc but mainly get sent to slideshow widgets for photo galleries. Help me get my slide on please!
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Not my work, but this might help:

Got there from StackOverflow after a google for "javascript linked sliders increase decrease"
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Here are the docs for the reference in the comment above^

And the documentation:

You'd have to use the change event to adjust the other sliders when one changes.
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also the slide event as the jsfiddle quinndexter links to above shows.
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Yeah, I'm not a capital C Coder - I can usually beat Wordpress into submission. czytm's additions will likely be very helpful. I think the problem is "responsive" is more likely to bring up CSS/ layout stuff, with slider also meaning a slideshow thing, hence your goggle results being off. So I switched "responsive" for "linked" and added keywords. Hopefully a better targeted google, plus the docs will get you there.
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Thanks for both the links and the advice on search terms. I am going to try using that as a base! I really do wish the dev had taken the example to 3 immediately instead of stopping at two though!
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