Need movers in San Jose ASAP
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Help! I'm looking for movers in San Jose, CA for next Saturday. I've heard so much about scams that I'd really prefer someone who came with a recommandation over someone from the Yellow Pages or craigslist. My move should be easy: just to Sunnyvale and a 1 bedroom apartment with minimal furniture. I'm hoping to pay less than $100 per hour for less than 3 hours.

I know I should have planned this sooner, but I had a friend of a friend who was in the moving business and going to give me a deal, but they just cancelled due to other commitments.
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I highly recommend Cummings Movers in South San Francisco. I have used them to move 3 times (the last two in San Jose, the last one San Jose to San Jose). They are about $140 an hour (for 3 guys). Which is above your price range. However, I just helped a friend move a few months ago that hired 3 movers off of Craigslist at $80/hr and I estimate that it took them at least as twice as long as the Cummings guys (I was moving stuff faster and more efficiently than the "pros" from CL).

The rest of my family has used them to move cross country (big moves, too). They are honest and hardworking. they do prefer to be paid in cash.
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Thomas Transfer based in Mountain View are very good. I am not sure of their hourly rate but they will treat your stuff extremely well. They moved some stuff long distance for me and were really excellent. They are a longstanding, highly legit, locally based company, fully insured etc and very professional.
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Best answer: I used these guys to move from San Jose to Felton. They were great:
My Dads Moving Assistants
Address: 4351 Latimer Ave, San Jose, CA 95130
Phone: (408) 874-0321

They were recommend to me by a friend who also had a good experience with them. I don't remember their hourly rate but it was around $450 to move my one bedroom apartment which took about 3 hours (including driving from SJ to Felton).
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um...this will sound horrible, but rent a truck and go down to the local home depot and find some migrant workers. it's cheaper then real movers and they're looking for work

yes, i'm evil
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Response by poster: Went with doctor_negative's suggestion, after finding that Thomas Transfer wouldn't work weekends and Cummings was indeed over my budget.

NGnerd: that was my last-resort backup plan already, so I guess I'm evil too...

My move day is going to be a time crunch for a variety of reasons, so I didn't want to spend the extra time standing at the U-haul counter and cruising hardware stores. This way they arrive at 8 AM and the second they are done I can start unpacking at the new place without having to return the truck/mexicans.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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