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February 17, 2021

Japantown in San Jose?

Hi, I'm thinking about a short-term rental in San Jose. It's in Japantown. It looks to me to be very close to San Jose Airport. Can anyone with experience there answer a few questions? [more inside]
posted by Rock 'em Sock 'em around San Jose, CA at 4:06 PM - 8 answers

October 15, 2020

Anyone have a Prius mechanic in the bay area, reliable?

It’s probably about a 2009 Prius, it’s a grinding noise when starting up. Or shortly after starting up. Looking for a reliable mechanic south of the Bay Area, closer to San Jose or Cupertino. [more inside]
posted by tilde around San Jose, CA at 8:55 AM - 8 answers has best

June 30, 2019

Going to San Jose, Where to Stay?

Mr. Darling, the two kiddos and I are heading to San Jose in August. We will be staying with family for two nights near Los Gatos and then will relocate to San Jose for two nights. We want to be somewhere walking friendly but we will have a car. Any suggestions?
posted by tafetta, darling! around San Jose, CA at 12:54 PM - 5 answers

April 3, 2019

Help me find some hidden gems in San Jose / Santa Clara area

I'm coming up on a week-long trip to San Jose / Santa Clara area for work. I've done a few of these over the last year or so, and I could really use some suggestions for mixing it up for breakfast and dinner / drinks. What are your favorite local spots, both upmarket and down? What am I probably missing by just relying on Yelp? [more inside]
posted by mmc around San Jose, CA at 1:51 PM - 18 answers

September 14, 2016

Child-friendly restaurants and other things to do in San Jose?

My family of four has two adults, one three-year-old boy, and a baby. We will be in San Jose for five days to look at housing. Please help me plan our meals and some fun activities. [more inside]
posted by whimwit around San Jose, CA at 7:08 AM - 7 answers

August 21, 2016

San Jose, CA- Apparently not the coolest place to live.

I'm likely moving to California at the start of October. Recently, the location has tentatively changed to San Jose. I don't want this to happen, so please convince me that San Jose is the worst place ever, or give me some reasons for why it's really not that bad. [more inside]
posted by omgkinky around San Jose, CA at 1:29 PM - 27 answers

May 10, 2016

Get me to San Jose

Which is the most advisable method? [more inside]
posted by sprezzy around San Jose, CA at 6:11 PM - 23 answers

May 13, 2014

Overnight in San Jose - questions about airport logistics and FOOD!

My family will be spending one Sunday night in June in San Jose. How can I not worry about making our flight out Monday morning? And what should we eat while we're there? [more inside]
posted by lyssabee around San Jose, CA at 3:54 PM - 14 answers has best

April 14, 2014

Highway 101 between Portland and San Francisco by Bike - Side Trips?

A group of 6-10 of us are going to be biking between Portland and San Francisco along Highway 101. What would be the best places to stop for day side trips? [more inside]
posted by saul wright around San Jose, CA at 6:42 PM - 6 answers

June 22, 2013

South Bay Area day trip?

I have a free day in San Jose, CA tomorrow. Where should I go? Especially interested in redwoods and the coast. [more inside]
posted by lunasol around San Jose, CA at 9:08 AM - 10 answers has best

May 23, 2013, San Jose, CA. What's a good neighborhood?

My girlfriend and I will be visiting San Jose, CA this weekend to go to a convention at the main convention center downtown. I'm looking for places on I don't know San Jose at all. I'm wondering what would be good neighborhoods to stay in. (Sorry for the abbreviated question title -- the length limit forced me to be terse.) [more inside]
posted by trevor_case around San Jose, CA at 2:35 PM - 9 answers

April 22, 2013

Cycling routes from Pescadero to Caltrain in Silicon Valley?

I'm planning a cycling trip to San Francisco to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero in July. I think I have a pretty good idea of how to get there by just following Highway 1, but I'm not sure how to get back. Instead of going back the way I came, I'd like to ride from Pescadero over the Santa Cruz mountains to Silicon Valley and catch the CalTrain into the city. Can anyone suggest a route? The shorter the better, so the station is not important! I know it'll be a climb.
posted by Borborygmus around San Jose, CA at 11:30 AM - 5 answers has best

April 2, 2013

One day to spend in San Jose, CA. What should I see and do?

I'm flying from Arkansas on a business trip in about a week, and it looks like I'll have one free day to explore San Jose, CA. I'm open to anything; please give me your best suggestions for food and adventure.
posted by jackypaper around San Jose, CA at 8:37 AM - 11 answers

August 19, 2010

Afternoon + evening in San Jose, Costa Rica

We arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica, around 3 in the afternoon and fly out early the following morning. What are the best sights, sounds, and tastes that can be packed into this short time? [more inside]
posted by onepot around San Jose, CA at 9:08 AM - 9 answers

June 18, 2010

Do you know the way from San Jose?

Heading to Milpitas Monday with my husband. Next Friday afternoon, we're planning to drive up to South Lake Tahoe, where we have a hotel, and then explore the Yosemite area Saturday and Sunday before driving back Sunday evening. Doable? Suggestions, recommendations? And what clothes should I bring--I want to pack one bag and get the most wear out of it for the entire week.
posted by misha around San Jose, CA at 1:07 PM - 9 answers

May 15, 2010

Do you know the way to San Jose with an expired passport?

Can I travel within the US using an expired Canadian passport? [more inside]
posted by anonymous around San Jose, CA at 12:31 PM - 18 answers

March 6, 2010

Geeky, fun activities in San Jose & SF area

I will be in Cupertino/San Jose for two weeks starting this Monday. What are some interesting fun things to do when I'm there (besides leaving and going to San Fran)? [more inside]
posted by now i'm piste around San Jose, CA at 8:38 AM - 20 answers has best

January 29, 2010

I'm not being indecisive

Where in the San Jose area should I live? [more inside]
posted by Lobster Garden around San Jose, CA at 7:01 PM - 9 answers has best

May 27, 2009

Get me from San Jose to Urbana-Champaign!

Get me from San Jose to Urbana-Champaign on Southwest. [more inside]
posted by metaseeker around San Jose, CA at 11:54 AM - 8 answers

February 2, 2009

How to find details of a car accident?

Outcome of a car accident in San Jose, CA on 880 North near the Alameda, around 10:30am February 1st? [more inside]
posted by tkolar around San Jose, CA at 10:53 AM - 4 answers