Can you help me find a sleeve for my iPad?
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My favorite electronics sleeve, Waterfield's Suede Jacket, is not longer in production for the 9.7" iPad. Can you help me find a suitable replacement? Nitpicky details inside.

I've used Waterfield's Suede Jackets for just about everything over the years, but it looks like they're being phased out. The presumed replacement looks like a bit of overkill for what I am after.

- Fit a 9.7" iPad (not a Pro!)
- As thin/light as possible. I don't need a ton of padding (or any, really!), I mostly need something to keep the iPad from getting all scuffed in my bag.
- No cases/grips/whatever else that permanently attaches.
- A snug fit when the iPad is inside.

I saw this question from a few years ago, and some of the Rickshaw sleeves look like they might do the job, but I'm open to other suggestions.
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Did you try emailing them? They're very responsive and may well have some unsold stock hanging around.
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I did reach out on twitter, they confirmed that they do not make them anymore and don't have any spares left. They did say to try reaching out again Monday (today) just to double check when the rest of the office was in, so I will do that, too.
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I own and really like the DodoCase Durables Sleeve for my iPad. It sounds like it might meet your needs.
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Wound up contacting them via live chat on their website. They had one more in stock, and were able to ship it out to me. Never hurts to ask!
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