Trying to find the perfect (short but very wide) watering can
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I'm trying to find a watering can with some pretty unique specifications. It needs to have a fairly open top (the place that you put water into it) and needs to be no taller than 7 1/2". Diameter is not an issue - in fact, we'd like to find as large a capacity watering can as possible, so the wider the better. Any ideas (beyond cutting the top off a gallon of milk, which is what we're doing now)?
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Look at the "long reach" watering cans traditionally used for watering bonsai. They tend to be quite squat and long, which enables them to be extremely well balanced when you're working in and amongst the trees. Here is an example made by Haws.
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I just spent the afternoon shopping for watering cans online! I think this galvanized metal watering can might fit the bill.
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Drat! I wasn't quick enough to catch that these are too tall for you. But I found these by doing a search for watering cans on gardenista. A lot of the items they list are no longer available, but it did help me find some interesting things, I hope it helps.
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Would a long-reach-style watering can eliminate the height requirement?
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If clearance at the sink is the issue, consider spending a a dollar or two on a funnel and tube, then use it to fill any can you like.

If access at the watering site is the issue, long reach cans are good, but so is the same funnel and tube from above.

I like cruising thrift stores for watering cans. Not the fastest solution, but one of the cheapest in the long run.
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consider spending a a dollar or two on a funnel and tube, then use it to fill any can you like

Yes, good idea! I use a Christmas tree waterer--a long, skinny tube with a funnel at one end--to reach through a fence to a water dish and it works well. That way, I can bring as much water as I need in an easy-to-use container.
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