Help me find more actual play podcasts
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I love The Adventure Zone and have spent the last couple weeks devouring Campaign. Please recommend some other podcasts of nerdy people playing role playing games.

I have no preferences as to what system the players are using. What I like about the above listed shows is the inventive collaborative storytelling, characters that I end up caring a lot about, and that they make me laugh.

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Critical Hit is what I went to after TAZ. Start from the beginning.
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Friends at the Table got recommended to me after TAZ and I'm liking it so far.
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Six Feats Under was how I was introduced to the genre of "podcasts of people playing tabletop roleplaying games." The core group were people in the Let's Play scene on Something Awful (the GM is Ironicus of Chip and Ironicus), but it's expanded since then.

They do some one-offs to showcase various systems, which are often pretty funny, but they had a long-running fantasy campaign using the 13th Age system (which is similar to D&D), and are now playing two simultaneous different long-run games; one is in a system that one of the players kickstarted, the other is Mouse Guard.

I would say that sometimes the production and storytelling is a little bit more disorganized than TAZ or Campaign.

I think the GM is friends with the Campaign/One Shot podcast people, they show up occasionally for the one-off games.
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The Film Reroll is a little different, in that they take the plots of movies and treat them as RPGs, but the results are fantastic.
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I'm still catching up, but Sneak Attack is pretty fun and (importantly to me) has great audio quality and is well-organized.
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I've been told that Friends at the Table is excellent. FWIW, the advice I've been given is to start with the Counter/weight or Marielda arcs, and then if I like those, to go back to the earlier stuff. Haven't actually done that yet so I can't say whether it's good advice or not.
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Here's a flowchart to help you figure out where to start with Friends at the Table.

Sadly not a podcast, but I can also recommend Roll20, especially as DMed by Adam Koebel. He also did a great Shadowrun campaign for itmejp.
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My partner very much rated D&D is for Nerds.
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Critical Role, which is actually a Twitch stream of a bunch of "nerdy ass voice actors" playing D&D recently took a lot of their backlog and converted it to podcast format. The audio still isn't fantastic for the first 5 episodes or so, but they're releasing them 10 at a time. I love it- there's over 400 hours of content now, I think, and it's still running.
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can't believe Drunks and Dragons are not on this list
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I got into play podcasts via TAZ, and the other one I listen to regularly is The Glass Cannon Podcast. They do proselytize about Pathfinder (their gaming system) a lot, but it's a great group to follow and they also now do a weekly recap/questions podcast kinda like a mini TTAZZ.
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The wonderful gaming site Gamers With Jobs has run two roleplaying podcasts - The Unmarked and their current one, Orbital Decay. I also recommend their regular podcast, which regularly discusses roleplaying and boardgames.
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Dungeons and Lesbians
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There's a D&D-themed improv group in Pittsburgh called Knights of the Arcade Theater that record their shows as a podcast. The earlier episodes don't have the greatest audio, but it gets better as it goes on.
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