Podcasts en français PAS facile, svp.
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Looking for non-news podcasts in French that aren't geared towards beginners/language learners. Snowflakes within.

Now that I'm no longer in grad school and speaking French on a daily basis, I'd like to make sure I don't lose touch. While in school, I used to listen to RFI's daily news and 'Géopolitique: le débat,' podcasts, but now that I have more time, I'd like to expand my repertoire.

I'm looking for podcasts aimed at native French speakers, and that aren't about language learning. I usually listen (in English) to things about science, technology, food, history (especially if it's about women and minorities), writing, and fashion. Podcasts by people who have accents other than your bog standard Parisian French are great, too.

I'm NOT looking for more current events stuff; especially with the results of the recent American election, that's just going to depress me. Nor am I looking for sitcoms or fiction, unless there's anything super exceptional.

To give you an idea of my tastes, here's my English playlist for the past week: Writing Excuses, Science Vs, Smart Podcasts Trashy Books, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Burnt Toast, Happier, Unstyled, and Good Job, Brain!

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Radio-Canada offers a bunch.
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Three scientific programms on French radio that I enjoy:
La Tête au carré
La Méthode scientifique
Sur les épaules de Darwin

The first two rely on guests, the third one is more highbrow as it mixes scientific vulgarization with litterature/philosophy.
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I listen to Au cœur de l'histoire by Franck Ferrand.
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Here are several non-fiction but non-news-related podcasts you might enjoy from Radio France Internationale:
Autour de la question - discussion with researchers about scientific, societal, technological, philosophical, and psychological questions
Priorité santé - discussion with experts about physical, mental, sexual, or relationship health topics (often includes calls from listeners in African countries, so you'll hear different accents)
7 milliards de voisins - depicts various aspects of everyday life in home, family, work, and educational settings from the perspective of audience members (again, often from different African countries)
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I am also a big fan of Autour de la question.

For history, you might enjoy La marche de l'histoire, or for much shorter episodes with a somewhat wider variety of accents, try Ils ont fait Paris et sa region.

I like France Bleu for more regional things. They used to have this GREAT show called "Les Récits de Loire-Atlantique et de Vendée," which I haven't seen online for quite a while, but there's still a great variety of topics on France Bleu.

Villes-Mondes is a cool travelogue with a bit of audio collage.

Radio Thesards has grad students talking about their work - all kinds of interesting topics.

Le monde est un campus has foreign students studying in France talking about their home countries, what brought them to France, their studies, and cultural contrasts.
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Try the stuff that France Culture has to offer: their programmes cover a variety of issues and usually discuss them in-depth.

Also, I highly recommend RTL's On refait Le Monde, which is a daily programme where four participants from across the political spectrum discuss current events. It's a bit parochial at times, but it will keep you appraised of French politics and, with an election year looming, you want to be in the know.
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I keep up with my French and indulge my love of food with On va déguster
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