Help me identify this velcro-friendly fabric!
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I'm helping a friend design a hand puppet out of a material that can be used with hook-and-loop fasteners (also known as Velcro). I remember helping my 3rd grade teacher cover a bulletin board with a smooth, low-pile, loopy fabric that velcro hooks would stick to; that fabric would be perfect. I remember it being pretty common in other classrooms in the 90's. What is this fabric called?

It's similar to the loopy style of microfiber cleaning towels, but the loops are very small and close together. The loops occur in defined rows and the backing is smooth. The fabric was definitely synthetic and felt like a polyester. It was a common fabric for the cheap knockoff Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals that I used to get from claw machines about 15 years ago, but I haven't seen much of it recently. (Might've been the fabric for the real McDonald's Teenie Beanies, if that jogs anyone's memory.) Nobody at the fabric store has any idea what I'm talking about.

The project I'm helping my friend with is a Mr. Bill puppet. She wants to be able to stick different facial expressions/features to the head of the puppet, so we don't want a fabric that will tear and look bad with repeated use of hook-and-loop fasteners.

I'm open to other suggestions for other fabrics that will work well, if this specific fabric can't be identified.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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It is apparently called "loop cloth." But terrycloth will work.
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The bulletin board may have been Veltex, which looks like a velcro name brand fabric with some kind of laminated backing?

I think the fabric generally is called soft loop fabric.

There are other "sticky" fabrics used for classroom storyboards, like flannel and felt.
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I think that may have been nylon tricot--back in the day it was used for nightgowns and blankets. It's a lot harder to find nowadays because it's not fire-safe, but I bet you can still order it.
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