Can you please recommend some new podcasts for me?
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Can you please recommend some new podcasts for me? Podcasts I already listen to : Hardcore History, Radiolab, Planet Money, This American Life, Fresh Air, Freakonomics, The Bowery Boys, Snap Judgment, My History Can Beat Up Your Politics, Flash Forward, Invisibilia, More Perfect
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The Bugle. There is a John Oliver-sized hole in it, but the guest hosts are getting consistently stronger.
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Lore, Criminal, Serial, Mystery Show
People often recommend Definitely Not The Opera in this vein also
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I am not certain what your tastes are. But in the vein of interesting two+people+sharing+information style podcasts, the suite of How Stuff Works podcasts are good and interesting:

Stuff You Should Know (many many episodes, over 500. They talk about everything. People, history, how stuff is made, etc)
Stuff You Missed in History Class (more obscure-based history)
Stuff to Blow Your Mind (science and science-fiction)
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If you like Hardcore History, you might like Dan Carlin's Common Sense.
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Esquire Classic Podcast
How I Built This
Making Gay History
Revisionist History
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For history, anything by Mike Duncan (The History Of Rome, completed in 2012, but a big backlog, and Revolutions, still ongoing finishing up its fifth season).

For philosophical history, The History Of Philosophy (Without Any Gaps).

For first-century-of-hollywood history, You Must Remember This.

For word history, The Allusionist.
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The host of Freakonomics has a new podcast, Tell Me Something I Don't Know. I like it a lot.
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Similar to Snap Judgement: The Moth, RISK!, The Story Collider, Strangers.

Similar to Invisibilia and Radiolab: 99% Invisible, the memory palace, Surprisingly Awesome.

There are other wonderful podcasts out there, if you are open to some different genres. My favorites include Welcome to Night Vale, ars PARADOXICA, The Bright Sessions, Wolf 359, Archive 81, The Adventure Zone, Oh No Ross and Carrie, My Brother My Brother and Me, and the Flop House.
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You might try Love and Radio. Also Reply All.
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Seems like you prefer nonfiction, but I'll give you some of both.

Nonfiction: Fiction:
  • Welcome to Nightvale: as someone told me at a ComicCon: “It’s like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman started building a town in The Sims and then just… Left it running. For years. And you could hear the local public radio.” (If you're new, start from the first episode)
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour: a futuristic show in the style of old-time radio.
A bit fact, definitely art: If these sound interesting, I'm happy to share more. I'm somewhat obsessed with podcasts.
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Back Story
Twenty Thousand Hertz
Surprisingly Awesome
Oh No Ross and Carrie
Song Exploder
Reply All
99% Invisible
Code Switch
In Our Time
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Hidden Brain: learn how we think

I was coming in to recommend Hidden Brain based on what you've already suggested as well. I'd say that Hidden Brain is to psychology what Freakonomics is to economics.

I've just started listening to The Sporkful and have been enjoying it so far. I don't know if you'd be interested in food as a topic (not just cooking, but food generally), but if you are I'd suggest that.

And this is a bit further afield from what you listen to currently, but in case it would interest you: PodQuiz is a trivia podcast with 20 questions per week, followed by answers. Four categories with five questions per category each week; the first category is always some kind of "identify the music" round, while the other three vary. It's not a game show podcast, no on-air contestants, just for you to "play along at home," so it's fairly short, typically around 15 minutes. And there's already been over 600(!) episodes with no signs of slowing.
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Here are the ones I'm currently listening to selectively, some of which I'm seconding:

Open Source, The Leonard Lopate Show, Little Atoms [UK-focused books / fine arts interviews], The Documentary [BBC documentary archives], Live! From City Lights [author readings at SF's City Lights bookstore], Home: Stories from LA [LA-focused history and human interest], The Trap Set [interviews w/drummers], Backlisted [UK publishing inside baseball stuff, and funny, ridiculously well-educated discussions about old books], Seminars About Long Term Thinking [talks from the Long Now Foundation in SF], WTF w/Marc Maron, Kreative Kontrol [Canada-focused interviews w/indie + punk musicians], You Must Remember This [well-researched capsule histories of forgotten / neglected aspects of classic Hollywood], To the Best of Our Knowledge, The Virtual Memories Show [interviews w/authors, cartoonists, and occasionally other kinds of geeks], Generation Anthropocene [looks into different aspects of global warming and the end of non-human polluted nature], The Organist, Open Country [UK-focused natural history / country life], The Guardian Books Podcast [UK-focused publishing nerdery and author interviews], Enoch Pratt Free Library podcast [talks from the main branch in Baltimore], Bookworm [US-focused author interviews], LPR Live [interviews w/contemporary classical music composed and musicians talking about new works, which are played in full], RWM-MACBA Curatorial [mysterious European art podcast w/a focus on experimental music and cultural theory - sometimes fascinating, sometimes a bit much], Last Word [weekly obituary round-up from the BBC - always good], Longform [US-focused interviews w/journalists], Reveal [investigative journalism - excellent], Love+Radio, Radiolab, Gastropod [food history], Meyer Auditorium Concert Series [full concerts from the Smithsonian's Freer/Sackler Galleries], The Intersection [investigating the impact of gentrification in SF], Reply All ["a show about the internet"], Rumble Strip Vermont [great, quiet reflections on aging, community, and art from rural VT], The Last Outpost [UK-focused artist interviews], 99% Invisible [design nerdery], Radio Free Culture [interviews w/DIY culture-makers of all kinds from the fantastic WFMU], Awful Grace [difficult to sum up - a show about making hard decisions or confronting difficult things], Chapter & Verse [author talks from UC Berkeley], Everything is Stories [fantastic, very occasional reports from the fringes of polite society], History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps [mind-bendingly huge, occasionally dry, always erudite complete overview of the history of philosophy], Invisibilia, Here Be Monsters [similar to Everything is Stories, also good], Radio Diaries, MIT Press podcast [author interviews w/a design, computer science, architecture, and cognitive sciences focus], Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything [nervous, dorky ruminations about future shock], Fugitive Waves [capturing the sounds of the back corners of American culture], Home of the Brave [meditations from the great fringe NPR figure Scott Carrier], Nocture [beautiful, quiet show about people up all night], RE/SEARCH podcast [interviews with artists, musicians, and cultural provocateurs by the genial dean of SF punk's first wave, Val Vale], Against the Grain [brilliant, anti-capitalist-oriented books and culture podcast], DC Public Library podcast, Letters and Politics [similar to Against the Grain - also good], The Wisdom Podcast [Buddhist philosophy and arts from the publisher of the same name], C-SPAN Lectures in History [lectures by university professors on a wide range of general interest history], Slate's Live at Politics & Prose [author talks from the DC bookshop], Culture Creature (punk / indie rock-focused interviews with artists and musicians].
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Political Funny Man and others : These are great! Thank you, and please keep 'em coming!
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I'll recommend You Are Not So Smart and the one that never fails to make me laugh aloud, No Such Thing As A Fish (from QI).
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Heavyweight has been my recent favorite. It is hosted by Jonathan Goldstein, who used to run Wiretap, which is also a great one if you want to look up archived episodes.
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Hardly Joking. Music/Sometimes Political/Humor/Talk. Good mix.
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Seconding The Sporkful.
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Came here to recommend:

Reply All
Most of the story analysis podcasts from Storywonk
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AV Club has a Best of 2016 list.
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Definitely In Our Time and Revolutions.
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not all of love and radio works for me but when they are good (see: the living room) it's really really good.
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Word of Mouth from New Hampshire Public Radio has a variety of topics. I like that there is a woman host and guests are often women as well.
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2nding Reveal. It's like "What If TAL just did investigatations & wasnt twee at all".
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Has anyone recommended Sleepover yet? It's a weird premise but I like it a lot. The host gathers three strangers for a sleep over and asks them each to bring a personal problem to get advice on. It's pretty engaging.

Mortified is pretty great.

I'd like to second Reply All and Mystery Show.
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I have fallen in love with "My Favorite Murder". It is hosted by two women (Georgia and Karen). Each week they each tell the tale of their favorite murder. It is a dark subject matter, but they are wonderful and I laugh throughout the podcast. They are also good in length (usually around the hour mark) and feature Elvis the Cat.
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I listen to, and enjoy, 6 of the 12 podcasts that you listen to, so maybe we have similar tastes. My 2 favorite podcasts, both political, are Slate's Political Gabfest and Keepin' it 1600.
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BackStory with the American History Guys
The Big Listen: a podcast (and broadcast) from WAMU and NPR that reviews podcasts
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I'm currently enjoying 'the rex factor' which is a history of the monarchs of England.
I'm listening from the start and only up to Henry VIII. No idea what is like after Liz 2 though.
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A couple more not yet mentioned:

Lexicon Valley (by Slate): NPR type dudes chatting about etymology and the evolution of the English language.

Amicus (also by Slate): Great way to keep tabs on the Supreme Court. Something I expected to be bored by, but was surprised at how interesting it is.
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Lately I've been enjoying:

Anna Fais is Unqualified - celebrity interviews, advice.
Decoding Westworld - about the HBO show Westward (they also do a Game of Thrones one that I found out about on Fanfare)
Sword and Scale - true crime (can be gruesome)

I also like to listen to a lot of the ones that have Fanfare posts. Looking forward to listening to others suggestions! Thanks all!
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Dear Hank and John
Laugh out Loud (CBC)
The Poverty Tour
Awesome Etiquette
The Modern Mann
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Tanis - If Serial and Limetown had a baby.

I Was There Too - Stories from actors in movies/tv that weren't the main character.

My Dad Wrote a Porno
- I have never laughed this hard. It's NSFW, but strangely delightful and ridiculously funny.
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One From The Vaults - Morgan M. Page's fabulous podcast on trans history. Absolutely not to be missed.

I also like
Reply All
99% invisible
Stuff You Missed in History Class
Welcome to Night Vale
Jay and Miles Xplain the X-Men (vital for X fans, not exciting if you don't love comics)
Myths and Legends
History of Rome
Within the Wires
Alice isn't Dead
The Ancient World
Dirty Old Ladies (three women in comics talk about the business of comics)
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So, I decided to only tackle nonfiction for now, because the storytelling podcast seems to be sort of a universe unto itself and probably deserves its own exploration.

For now, I'm adding Revisionist History, Revolutions, Tell Me Something I Don't Know, Surprisingly Awesome, 99% Invisible, Hidden Brain, Marketplace, Science VS, Backstory, Sporkful, No Such Thing as a Fish, You Are Not So Smart, Reveal, and We Hate Movies to my list of subscriptions.

Thanks for the recommendations -- you all are awesome!
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