Hack me Da Secret Sauce
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While vacationing in Hawaii, I tasted and fell in love with Da Secret Sauce. It's "Hawaiian chili pepper water." Can you help me replicate the recipe at home?

Any other recipes for spicy, garlicy sauces are also appreciated!
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Here's one recipe: Chili Water.
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My personal fave is a variant on a Yucatan recipe:

Next time you have the grill going nice and hot, toss 10 ripe habaneros or scotch bonnets on at the beginning, right over the hot part of the grill. Put a piece of foil on a cooler part of the grill and roast 2-5 decent-sized garlic cloves on that.

Char the chilies until they're about 3/4 blackened. Let them cool down a little in a smallish mixing bowl, then rinse in cold water and pull the stems off. You can seed them at this point if you're looking to tone down the spice level, but WEAR GLOVES if you're going to handle them. I pull the stems off using a spoon and tongs and pretty much avoid touching the chilies as much as possible.

Dump most of the water you've rinsed off, leaving a little behind. Peel the garlic and throw it in. Add the juice of one lime, a quarter cup of cilantro, teaspoon of salt, and a teaspoon of ground cumin (I toast whole cumin on the stove then grind it). Blend until it's liquefied, adding water as needed until you get to the consistency you want (I like to be able to squirt it out of a ketchup bottle).
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