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Has anyone else noticed that AirBnB's site has been loading its search map REAAAAAAALLY slow lately, or is it just me?

I just noticed this a couple weeks ago. I like using their map function to search, so I can zoom in on a specific area in a city to see what's available ("hmm, I wanna stay near the Zoo when I visit DC, let's see what's near there"), or to move around and search for places along a certain bus route ("No places to stay in Woodstock, let's see if there's anything for that weekend in Saugerties"). Usually, I zoom the map in to where I want and it reloads the map to show me the new options, like Yelp does.

But lately the map has been taking a SUPER-long time to load. I will type in my desired dates and location in the original search, it'll take me to the search results - and the site hangs for up to 90 seconds while the map finishes loading. But then I go to zoom in and the map takes another 90 seconds to reload with my new options. I'll re-center the map, and another 90 seconds...reposition the map, another wait....lather, rinse, repeat....

I have tried using different browsers, I have tried clearing my browser cache, I have tried turning off adblockers. I have contacted airbnb tech support and using another browser was the only thing they could suggest.

I'm hoping that this isn't just me, has anyone else noticed this? Any one else have any ideas I could try in case it IS just me?
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Ugh, yes. The entire site has been miserably slow for me for a while now, but since I'm just browsing and dreaming, it hasn't been important enough to fuss about... so no solution suggestions, just commiseration.
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Yeah. It's horrible. I don't think it's you. There's a bunch of back-and-forth with the AirBnB server, then thumbnails are loaded, then more back-and-forth, *then* it loads the Google Maps code and images. I think some developers might need to be sacked.
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I've actually started a thread on the AirBnB community board if anyone wants to weigh in that "it's happening to me too". So far I've had only one reponse over there saying "It's working fine for me...." so maybe a preponderance of "but it's not working for me either" responses can get some action.

But it does sound like some kind of issue unique to some combination of software. the question is - what, and how can I fix it?
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Some sites are really sensitive to high latency and especially low upload speeds. I'd run a speed test. For comparison, my latency is ~60 ms and my upload speed is 5 Mbps, and the site is still pretty slow, but not 90 seconds slow (using latest Firefox).

Also maybe check your browser speed, here's a simple test. My score is ~1300.

Also you may be low on RAM for some reason (?)
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The whole AirBnB site is a disaster for me.
But especially the map, but also mismatched buttons (I keep on getting the 'rent out your house' thing, when I just want to zoom in on a map), both in Safari and Chrome.
Chrome is worse though - loads no map at all.
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Robert: when I run the speed test, what exactly would I do with the data? Like, what is "fast" and what is "slow", and if I find out that I'm slow how do I fix that, or eve ascertain that that's the problem?

Same with the broswer speed test. Suppose my browser is slow. If I find that out, then.....what do I do WITH that knowledge?
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