Cheap August stay in Martha's Vineyard?
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I'm going out to Martha's Vineyard in early August 2017 to baby sit for a few weeks. I spent a long weekend there in 2016 doing the same. Since my employers made their plans last minutes, I ended up taking an indirect bus to MV and stayed in the hostel. It was a great experience, but I'd like this year's trip to go smoother for me.

Since the family I sit for is beginning to make plans now, seven months ahead of time, I hope lodging should be easier to find. I'm looking for creative ideas of places to stay. I haven't completely ruled the hostel out, but, am looking at places with A/C first.

Are there secret New England, or MV house sharing websites I should explore? Any advice is welcomed.
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I'm working now but will give you a good answer and some leads tonight- I live on (NOT IN) MV.
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We did a trip there a few months ago and found a great deal on AirBNB. We saw the best prices consistently there and VRBO.
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I'm not asking to be obnoxious, but is there a reason your employer isn't finding a place for you? It seems like if they want you to travel, they should be responsible for dealing with this.

But VRBO has always been where I've found Cape/MV places.
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Yes. I can't understand why the employer isn't providing a place to stay. It's just how it's done and it is SO much easier to just and one more room than find a place to stay for one.
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Hello again!

As others have said, it is odd that your employer does not have a guest house or room, as August is pretty crazy here for short term housing. Airbnb/vrbo will certainly have a wider array of possible situations. The Nashua House in Oak Bluffs is among the more affordable hotels on island, and in August they go as high as 239$ a night.

I ran your question by a co-worker who AirBNB's her spare bedroom in the summer and she said that time of year she'd go no lower than 100$ a night but one would have to do their own housekeeping for the most part, I hope that helps as a yardstick.

The hostel here is nifty, but I think they put a limit on consecutive nights in busy season. Again, if this was in October or right now, there would be far better deals.

Will you have or need transportation? There are no doubt weird converted sheds out in the woods you could stay in, but getting around on island can be...complex.

Nevertheless, you never know, someone I know might need a house sitter for those two weeks, so I'm going to shoot you a mefimail and I'll keep my ear to the ground for a word of mouth magic bullet. At the very least I'll invite you over for some grilled meat and fish, and can give you local information.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your input.
Regarding my employers, they may find me a place to stay. Since this is all in the early planning stages, I assumed things may go as they did previously. Last year they gave me a per diem and I found a place to stay. They don't have room for me in their home, and it's better this way.
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