How to log into Airbnb post-Facebook
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I am an Airbnb user. I log in via Facebook. I recently deleted my Facebook account, and now can't log into Airbnb. Is there a way for me to access my account? The email/password way in doesn't work, because I didn't originally set my account up that way.
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Best answer: Did you completely delete your Facebook account, or just deactivate it? Even if you deleted it, they give you about two weeks to change your mind IIRC. You could quickly reactivate it, change your AirBnB login stuff, then redelete/deactivate your Facebook account.
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Response by poster: That is a great idea. I deactivated it, not a full delete.
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While you are in there (Facebook), check under Account Settings > Apps to see if you need to do the same thing anywhere else.
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When I was in this situation, I just clicked the "forgot password" link and they sent an email to the email address linked to my Facebook with a password reset link. No need to reactivate.
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