I'd like to buy this Hat
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In 2009, I bought a hat. A few years later I lost the hat in Lake Te Anau, and I'd like to get a new one just like it. But, I can't find the right words to google this correctly. Snowflakes within.

This is yours truly, in the aforementioned hat. Not quite visible is that the fabric itself is made of pink skulls.

I bought this hat in a gay men's shop called Priape in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is now closed. Searches for things like "pink skull hat" do not turn up useful results.

Given I bought this in 2009, and the company went bankrupt in 2013, getting useful information there will maybe not work?

Do you know what this hat is? Where I can buy a new one? Maybe one similar that would suit my current hair (which is blue-green)?
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The link doesn't work for me.
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Response by poster: Odd. Try this link?
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So, not at all just like that hat, but there's an artist local to me who makes upcycled clothing and caps with skulls on them - Monster Booty.

She has a large volume output locally which is not really represented in her Etsy shop or here, but maybe she'd be willing to do a custom cap for you?
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A quick search for that store owners shows it was a chain that shut down most of the stores to start or expand the online priape.com. You could try emailing that site to see if they know who manufactured the hat and if it might still be available.
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Instead of "hat" try "baseball cap" in your search. I typed "pink skull baseball cap" into ebay and found quite a few similar results, though not your exact hat. One Two Three Four

There are others. Maybe the fourth link here is one that you get and ask Squeak Attack's artist friend to use it as a base and embellish it.
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