Seeking a very soft, light, natural fiber blanket (silk-cotton or?)
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For our wedding a decade ago, we received a lightweight, toast brown blanket that was my couch cocooning pal until it finally fell to bits. Machine washing only made it softer. Not sure who made the blanket, but I'm pretty sure it was a silk-cotton blend. Texture was similar to a thinly knit cashmere sweater, with satin edges. Weight comparable to a couple of sheets. I need a silky-soft, thin blankie I can cuddle up with. Does this description sound like any currently available bedding you can recommend?
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Best answer: The Gossamer Blanket at The Company Store isn't a silk-cotton blend and doesn't aesthetically match your description of the satin edges, but it is very, very, soft.

We own three of these and multiple washings have only made them softer. Each blanket is quite thin, and very comfortable for everyday use here in San Diego. I'll sometimes use it under a quilt during the cooler months. I'm very sensitive to fabric texture and rarely wear anything but ultra-soft natural fabrics, so this blanket has been perfect for me as a throw or as part of my bedding. I've had one of them for about three years and it has kept pretty well (no tears, pilling, etc.)
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I love this blanket from Crate and Barrel like you wouldn't believe. Worth every single penny.
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You might also like this cotton blanket from Warm Things, or maybe one of their throws. Every product I've owned from them has lasted years and been worth every penny!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! I went with the Gossamer Blanket from The Company Store because the color options were the best, and it's a very nice cuddler.
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