Cheap and reliable means of watching Twin Peaks
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I want to watch the new Twin Peaks when it comes out. I don't currently have any streaming services. I have used Amazon Prime in the past, but that's all. What's the best way of doing this while spending as little as possible? It seems like watching the whole series over a period of months might get a bit expensive, especially considering I'm not really interested in watching a lot of other stuff. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
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I think the cheapest way to legally watch it (aside from having a pal who has Showtime or talking your neighborhood bar into having viewing nights) would be to wait until the whole series has aired and then sign up for a free trial of Showtime via either Amazon Prime (if you already have it) or Hulu.

If you want to watch as it airs and you don't already have Amazon Prime, Hulu is around 8-12 bucks a month depending on the plan you pick, Showtime add-on is another 9 bucks/mo (but you get a free month upon signing up). Hulu often has a free month the first time you join.

There isn't really a way to legally buy individual episodes/series of Showtime shows like you can with AMC and other channels.
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The new Twin Peaks will not be available on Amazon Prime without the $8.99 showtime addon.

lovecrafty is right on this one, the most cost effective way to watch a show like this is to wait until it has all aired, then binge it in a month. On AMZ prime, like on Hulu, you can get a month (of Showtime) for free when you first sign up.

The other option is always 🏴‍☠️internet piracy🏴‍☠️, but whether that's something you're comfortable with both morally and technically is another question entirely.
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Beg someone with Showtime as part of their tv package to give you their Showtime and/or cable co login and password. Buy them a nice thank you gift of coffee and pie.
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Here's what I'd do that's the most cost effective:

Amazon Prime offers a 1 week free trial of the Showtime channel package. On Sunday they will be airing the first two episodes; watch them there.

Then if you go to Showtime's mobile app (SHO Anytime), apparently they will have the two episodes after THAT streaming on Sunday. (When the app asks for your cable provider, pick "show all" and choose Amazon from that list.)

After the week, cancel the trial. Then once the rest of the episodes have aired and are on Hulu, binge them there through the one month free trial.

(what I *am* doing is just buying the Showtime package as I'll probably be able to find other things to watch; Guerrilla looked very intriguing and I've always meant to watch The Borgias)
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Apparently episode 3 and 4 will be available for streaming immediately after episode 1 and 2 air on Sunday.
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Free thirty day trial on the Showtime website. Thank you, targeted advertising.
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Thanks everyone. I got signed up for a free month of hulu and showtime. That'll be plenty of time to decide if its worth continuing through the rest of the series.
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