How do I wash this motorcycle jacket?
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It's my favorite jacket, but so dirty.

I've had this silver jacket for at least five years now. I love it and wear it most times I ride short distances, but it's picked up a lot of dirt and grease over the years and I'm wondering how to clean it.

According to the tag the outer shell is 43% nylon and 57% polyester and it says not to bleach or dry clean. I think I machine-washed it once - probably in cold water - and it didn't seem to help. Is it OK to wash in hot water? Is there a special soap I should use?

(Obvs, I'd take out the armor and the lining when I wash it).

Buying another one isn't in the budget right now.
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It seems clear: follow the instructions from your link.

Hand wash in 85F/30C water.
Do not pierce fabric in any way.
Remove padding before washing.
Secure all Velcro closures.
Hang dry only.
Avoid direct heat or sunlight.
Do not bleach.
Do not dry clean.
Do not iron.
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Ha! I used to own this jacket. Yup, totally machine-washable after you remove the armor, and if you want to pre-treat greasy spots use Dawn and rinse it out in the bathtub, then chuck in the washing machine and hang dry.

Source: I've been selling high-end motorcycle gear since 2001, factory trained by BMW, Vanson, Rev'It, Klim and others.
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Dawn is the answer I needed. Thanks workerant!
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