How to deal with separation & two apartment rentals
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My partner and I are separating. We currently live in a rented house which we will vacate in August .. my paycheck is the only money coming in. I make enough to pay for two apartment rentals, but my question is more about how that works .. we don't have any kind of legal separation agreement, and I am anticipating difficulty proving her "income" to the prospective landlord. Advice needed. We live in Minnesota; we will likely get a divorce but not right away.
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Are you married?
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Response by poster: Sorry. More detail is needed.

We have been married for 34 years. I recently transitioned, and it has just been too much for her.

She is disabled and has never worked, therefore I think we can expect no help from Social Security.

It's an amicable situation, but we just don't know what to anticipate when it comes for us to separately rent apartments.
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Is simply co-signing the rental contract out of the question?
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Speaking as an ex-LL: if you don't want to co-sign the lease but are going to be the source of support, it would help to provide proof of funds (bank statements, check stubs, letter of rec from current LL, etc.). The landlord might be much happier if you were to co-sign, as that would ease any anxiety they might have about you up and disappearing when the rent comes due.
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Response by poster: I don't have any problems co-signing. I had no idea that might be a possibility, frankly.
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My landlord in Minneapolis was willing to accept two (three?) months' rent up front in lieu of a cosigner when I failed to meet in income requirements. (I had proof of income, but was a grad student and it was more like twice the rent, not three times, which was what they required.) I don't know how common that is--I had a remarkably good landlord, so if she wants to live in Stevens Square...
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It looks like she is not eligible for SSDI having never worked, but may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). I helped somebody get through the time between approved application and first check for SSDI back in 76, it took about 6 months, but then they got a first check for the previous 6 months.
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If you have savings... I've been unemployed for awhile and have been able to rent apartments by proving that I had six months(?) rent in the bank.
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Rent both flats to your name
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Best answer: See if you can both go on the lease for an apartment, with the idea that your name would eventually be removed when she has established income. Note that her income may be the form of spousal support. Work together to establish a separation agreement that specifies spousal support. This should help establish income. While you are going through this process, please help her to apply for other forms of credit in her own name, if she has not already done so. You may need to secure a credit card (e.g. put $1000 against the account to secure an $800 limit) to help her build credit. Talk to your bank about whether any joint lines of credit could be transferred to her name without having to start her credit all over again.

Whether you remain separated, divorce or decide to return to living together, it is a good idea to help her establish credit in her own name and to have financial security.
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Response by poster: Yep, we've been working on her financial security and credit independence.

Her score is around 730 ... and she has a credit card in her name only.

I absolutely expect to pay spousal support, pre- and post-divorce. I will see whether I can cosign first, then if not I will try to put both our names on the lease.
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Consult an attorney and follow his/her suggestions.
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