What's good on YouTube Red?
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I just signed up for the 30 day free trial of YouTube Red so I could watch Kedi. Besides getting a month of ad-free YouTube, what else is good on there? My tastes are all over the map, so recommend me anything you think is worth watching!
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Best answer: Try out mind field, it's a show about psychology hosted by the guy behind vsauce and the episodes I've seen have been pretty great.
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I am eagerly watching this thread for suggestions on actual content.... b/c Kedi I LOOOVE, but have not been really interested in some of the other YouTube red content.

In reality, what I've found YouTube Red useful for is: 1) binge-watching on my favorite normal channels without commercial interruption, like CrashCourse or Game Maker's Toolkit or Food Wishes .... or some days, you just want to pop 5 Buzzfeed videos straight, and that's okay!, there's no judgment on the internet, and 2) being able to uber multi-task while watching YouTube videos. If you watch YouTube videos on a phone, you can now have the sound keep playing even if you don't have the YouTube app front and center! Perfect for when you want to put on something in the background and then twiddle away on Metafilter in the foreground.
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Best answer: The only YT Red thing I've seen was "Lazer Team", a scifi comedy movie from Rooster Teeth, an internet comedy group. After the military specially breeds and trains Earth's champion to fight an Alien champion in an arena battle that'll decide the fate of Earth, the day of the battle arrives, and the special armor/weapons combo needed by the hero accidentally mates itself to the 4 dunderheads who found it first. A bit of creature horror and gore sprinkled atop a delightful parfait of sci-fi comedy. It's not high art, but it's fun.
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I'm sorry I don't have any YouTube Red original programming suggestions (most of the promotional ads targeted at me look terrible) but I'd like to second the ability to have YouTube audio play in the background. Coupled with the ad-free feature, I use YouTube as my go-to audio player for music and most podcasts now. There are plenty of videos in the educational realm (recently I binged videos from potholer54) which don't actually "require" the visual accompaniment so I end up treating them like audio only podcasts.
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It's not an actually content recommendation, but Youtube Red also includes a subscription to Google Play Music, which is Google's answer to Spotify.
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Best answer: I signed up for a month of YouTube Red just to watch the Harry Shum Jr. show Single By 30 (which I would only recommend if you are an existing fan of Harry Shum Jr. as I am). Nothing else they had really held my interest. Now that the free month has expired, the only thing I miss is that lack of ads.
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Itaxpica: "It's not an actually content recommendation, but Youtube Red also includes a subscription to Google Play Music, which is Google's answer to Spotify.

Also, the YouTube Music app that allows you to treat youtube like a giant Spotify, you can switch between music only / video, and continues playing music when you switch out of the app on iOS.
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Best answer: I signed up to watch Buddy System , a series by two of the most popular YouTubers - Rhett and Link. They're mainstream in terms of Youtube. Buddy System is a scripted show, but each episode is about 15 minutes and there are only 8 episodes. It's inspired by Mighty Boosh and (I think) Lonely Island. Also, it's been renewed for a season 2. It's only available on Youtube Red but if you like them, they have literally ten years of videos you can watch on normal youtube.
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