Help me find more of these nice, long, relaxing YouTube videos
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I like streaming long videos on YouTube that are soothing in some way. Can you recommend some more things I might like? Specifics within.

Thanks to Metafilter, I know about the Bergensbanen and other train cabview videos. I love them. But I also like more abstract eye candy like kaleidoscopes or fractal visualizations. I found a nice little cache of 3-hour scenery videos, but there's got to be so much more out there.

Needs to be YouTube, because I stream this stuff from the Wii to an old thrift-shop TV on my desk. Prefer LONG videos, at least 30 minutes but preferably longer. I like it best when they're at least 2 hours. I usually turn the sound off and just play music I like.

Can you recommend more videos I might enjoy, or search terms I could dig around in? [I didn't know the search term "cabview" until today! "train front view" gives so much less.] Can be nature, can be computer generated, can be weird, as long as it's soothing. Thanks!
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Best answer: How about six hours of aquarium footage?
posted by misteraitch at 4:46 AM on November 27, 2013

Best answer: Here's a few 8-hour naturey-type ones. I think some of them are just sound (rather than video) but at least a few are actually videos.
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Here's a very meditative Japanese video consisting of cats with stuff balanced on their heads. It's like if Kurosawa made cat videos.
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Response by poster: The cat video is awfully cute, but only 12 minutes long.
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Search for ASMR videos.
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From the same people that brought you Bergensbanen there is the 13.5 hour ferry video. Not Youtube but perhaps lovely for others? Hurtigruten. The video is in the right hand frame and after a short pause begins to autoplay. It's quiet though.
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Response by poster: I found a few more things of interest, for those who like this stuff too. Fireworks (37 minutes), more fireworks (30 minutes); this virtual trip to Los Angeles (1:34)... Virtual Trip to Kyoto (1:04)... I've got a fireplace one on right now that reminds me of Yule Log.
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Response by poster: More stuff I found - snow storms, zen gardens, koi pond, snow road in Hokkaido, water patterns.
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