How to make a vibrating bed
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So I've assigned myself a DIY project and need a little advice/help. I have a standard IKEA Beddinge bed with feet that look like this. I would like to attach springs to the bottoms of the feet and a shaker motor to the frame to create a vibrating bed!

I found a bunch of shaker motors on ebay that look like they'll do the job but I'm in way over my head with the springs part. I imagine the springs would have to be fairly rigid in the X/Y direction to keep the bed from collapsing on itself but have better motion in the Z direction so I get most of the vibration rather than transferring it to the floor.

If none of that makes sense or sounds wrong it's very possible because I have little idea what I'm doing. Right now to me the main questions are: 1. what kind of springs do I need 2. where to buy only 4 springs that match that description 3. how to attach the springs to the frame and how to create new feet for the part of the spring that touches the floor.

I have zero welding experience and would have no idea where to begin so if there's an effective way to do this without welding that would be my first choice.
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Best answer: I would not try to shake the frame. I would put the mattress on a piece of plywood and then attach the springs to the plywood and frame.
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Best answer: Yes, don't shake the frame.
So you need a good chunky bit of mass to stay solid and that may as well be the frame.

My first instinct would be to get a rigid plywood sheet (like..12mm minimum, probably a bit more).
Then I'd attach the shaker motors directly underneath it. I don't know how many you have, but it sounds like a few? So, I guess evenly space them on the underside of the ply. The more you have the smoother the vibration.
I'm picturing three or four.

Then get a sheet of stiff foam you can order this online. I just googled "Foam Cut to Size".
Get a sheet the same size as your plywood. (Get a fire retardant type!)
Cut holes in it for the shaker motors to fit in.

Lay it all on the frame, so it's:
Frame, Foam, Plywood board with motors, mattress, human.

That oughta give you a nice gentle vibration.
You may want to fine tune it with a thin foam sheet between the ply and the mattress, just to even it all out a bit.
Not sure, that needs testing and experimenting.
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Rather than DIY, you could buy a Magic Fingers attachment:

Magic Fingers comes with two straps that wrap around the box springs. There is a frame on the straps for the vibrating motor on one side of the bed. The motor slips into that frame. Another way to mount the vibrating motor is on the bottom side of the box springs or wooden bed frame. The Magic Fingers motor is not made to slip between the box springs and mattress. If you have additional questions on installing your new Magic Fingers, please ask.
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Response by poster: ok I'm gonna go ahead with the mattress on plywood plan thanks for the advice
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Cool, let us know if it works!
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