You can't give this stuff away. Literally.
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I'm moving on Sunday, and all efforts to sell (or give away) my bed and futon/couch have failed. There's no room for them in my new apartment. What should I do with them?
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Have you tried donating them Goodwill or the Salvation Army? In some locations they'll come and pick up furniture donations. You could try FreeCycle or CraigsList too.
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Why have they failed? Are they in really bad condition? Are you just being unlucky?

Leave them outside. They'll be gone.
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"You could try FreeCycle or CraigsList too."
I tried Craigslist, but had no luck, even with low low prices.

"Are you just being unlucky?"

Unlucky, it seems. They're in fine shape.
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I tried Craigslist, but had no luck, even with low low prices.

Try the FREE section. Freecycle always works.

Leave them outside

Please don't do this. They'll be a horrible eyesore for your neighbors.
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Craigslist FREE. If it doesn't go, there's something REALLY wrong with it.
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freecycle does not always work.

i was helping a friend move and we had no luck with it for some perfectly fine furniture.

call large item pickup and let your neighbor(s) know when the pick up will be so they don't you think you left a futon in the alley. then leave it in the alley behind your house or whereever they tell you to leave it.

if you don't know who to call for large item pickup call your city hall or similar office. they'll know who you should call.

don't leave it outside without calling large item pickup because that is illegal dumping and you don't want to be that person (plus you get a nice fine in many places if you get caught!)
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At least around here where I live (Bay Area), putting these types of things on the sidewalk is the norm... it'll ALWAYS be gone. Sure, it's illegal, but always works.
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Depending on where you live, even Curb-cycling may not work (I'm thinking of the recent Cambridge/bedbug thread.) Drop 'em off at Goodwill.

(Or, you know, post your general location here. I could use a couch.)
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The free section of craigslist really really works. I'm convinced I could post an ad to give away botulism on craigslist and people would snap it up.
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Free on CL, or the salvation army will send a truck to pick stuff up if you have one nearby.
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Okay, Freecycle may not always work but it's sure worth a try. A good description, links to flattering pictures, and an easy pick-up schedule will really help your chances, too.
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Are you near a university? They usually have a buy/sell listserv or website.
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Have you tried doing searches for people who are searching for a cheap futon/couch?
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Agreed with those above about the free section of craigslist -- your inbox will be swamped in no time.

Another option might be to contact your local department of social services. Social workers frequently work with people (particularly women who have just left abusive situations) who have an immediate need for household items like beds.
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Do you have a local refugee/resettlement agency? Furniture is greatly needed many times.

Or, as others have said, craigslist.
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Is there a bedbug problem or the perception of one in your city? In some areas, people are getting wary of second-hand upholstered furniture because of this, even if there's absolutely nothing wrong with your stuff.

Try checking in your local yellow pages under "Charitable Organizations", many run ads seeking donations of used goods.
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It could be a fear of bedbugs, as suggested already. If that's a problem in your area, try explicitly stating in your ad that these are bedbug free (assuming they are!!) and that you are getting rid of them because you are moving in with your partner/upgrading to a bigger or smaller bed, moving across the country, whatever the reason is.
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I have given away broken printers, broken AC Adapters, broken vacuums, old magazines, old shoes, what have you on the free section of craigslist and have only once not gotten a hit and that was for a cardboard box.

Real furniture will disappear in seconds. Let people know if they will need a truck or a hand taking the stuff away.
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If they are in decent shape, you could always try to sell them to a consignment shop and make a little money. They take a pretty big cut of the profits, but heck, you've already tried to give it away. Otherwise, donate them to the Salvation Army or likewise. Hopefully you have access to a truck?
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Okay, Craigslist's free area was more successful. Thanks everyone!
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I know I'm late to the party, but I've always had luck calling up womans' shelters and churches. They always know someone who is in need.
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