"Deep club" music as seen on SNL?
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(Asking for a friend.) On a recent episode of SNL, there was a skit with a funeral where two friends sing "deep club" music supposedly written by the deceased. These songs have been haunting my dreams. Where can I listen to more of this music?

I've never heard of this style of music before. (I haven't been to clubs lately, so maybe that's what I'm missing?) Searching for "deep club" gets me something more electronic and repetitive than these examples. Are there songs that you can recommend that are similar to the SNL songs? (They don't have to be funny, necessarily -- I'm looking for songs that the SNL skit might be parodying or copying.) Thank you!
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Hm, there's deep house (Wikipedia, with an audio sample), and then there's "club" or "dance" music (current Billboard dance/club charts, audio samples for songs) which are on the pop spectrum of dance music, and these SNL parodies seem to sort of live between the upbeat pop club and the moodier deep house. Sort of.
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When the SNL actress says "deep club," I think she's using the term in the sense of music that is well suited to late-night underground clubs, but as far as I know "deep club" isn't a genre that you can Google and come up with similar tracks.

For what it's worth, the parody songs made me think a little of Peaches. Warning: high obscenity alert!
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Yeah, no, not Peaches. She's that, but more.

First of all, I want to thank you so much for bringing this skit back to my attention. This is pretty much in the RuPaul type ouvre. I was looking up Larry Tee and ended w/ this 57 min Soundcloud set by a Mike T that coincidentally seems exactly what you are looking for....

I'm old. The googles tells me this is now called Electro or Electroclash (and Peaches definitely is in that category!) but I think of this as underground gay club house music and you can't take my memories away from me. "Bathroom Bumps" already took them away as they happened. I'm fine! Why do you ask!! Shut up and Dance!
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The first song parodied was Erika Jayne, "How Many Fucks" https://youtu.be/FXCLDj9tBBM
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I know very little about music, but I do know something about RuPaul, and jbenben's suggestion made me think of RuPaul's "Peanut Butter," which I believe is part of a genre called "sissy bounce" that you could look into.
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Here's a fixed version of the Soundcloud set by Mike T that jbenben posted.

Metafilter had an epic post about sissy bounce a few years ago.
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