Science March sign ideas!
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I'm drawing a blank, and I'm taking my eldest this Saturday to my local march. This is his first march of any sort, ever, and I want it to be fun, and lighthearted while also deadly serious, and I want him to remember it. We need signs. [n.b. I did see this thread but am looking for more general ideas, and don't want to pollute that thread with less on-target responses. Thanks.]

He is nerdy, science-y, the sort of kid who laughs unreservedly at MST3K and Monty Python. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. I'm an amateur botanist and a professional in remote sensing and GIS, with interests across the sciences (and arts). I'm sure others out there are looking for ideas as well - maybe we can use this to corral all the best ideas.
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Looking for signs, with Science!
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The sign I made for the Women's March - Dana Scully getting shirty about science - is just as (or perhaps moreso) suited for the March for Science. (Self-link to my public dropbox folder.) You and yours are more than welcome to use it.
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[citation needed]

It was in an xkcd once.
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I think the jokey and cute signs are nice, but I fall on the side of the argument that the march needs to have at least some seriousness to it. I am definitely biased, as someone who depends on federal grant money to do scientific research and pay my rent and is terrified of having it pulled out from under my feet.

I like signs with statistics. These are not necessarily readily sloganizable, but cold hard facts have their place.
- The return on federal investment in science is massive.
- Why do Americans like science, but not when it finds things they don't like?

Alternately, something about how not funding science is a detriment to the people not funding it. When it affects people personally, they eventually shut up and listen.
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"Science is truth found out."

Kind of basic but I tore it out of a magazine years ago--every time I've looked at it on my home office "inspiration" board since, I go, "Yeah, totally!" :)
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A good one for kids is "Make Earth cool again!" Global warming, get it?
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I also really like "I'm with HER" (arrow points to picture of Earth)


"What do we want?"
"Evidence-based science."
"When do we want it?"
"After peer review!"
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Participants are sharing poster resources in the facebook group for my local march:

Official Posters: March for Science CLE These are provided by the organizers themselves. Of the six, several are Cleveland-centric. Garrett Morgan was an African-American inventor, hero and activist. There's a poster referencing the successful rehabilitation of the Cuyahoga River. A poster about x-rays, which were first used in the US in Cleveland and a poster acknowledging Cleveland's role in the space program. Also, I think because of the institutional and business sponsors of the local march, a couple posters reminding us that we have science to thank for music and beer.

Science Stanzas: The March for Science › Posters
Science March Protest Signs — Woke Giant
Free March for Science Poster – Pincause
Free Posters Celebrating Mighty Women in Science / A Mighty Girl | A Mighty Girl
Signs for Science - Check out this awesome sign
Free march for science signs
Stand up for science Just a bunch of slogans, not poster designs. User submitted, so there's a lot to sift through for rare gems. Probably. I didn't see anything at all, but there are an endless supply. You might find something if you've got more patience then I do.

I'm going to a sign making party tomorrow. I'm going to write "Bad Science Puts Innocent People in Prison" on my sign. I printed an 8x10 of a caricature of Jefferson Sessions that I found on flickr. I'll throw him in the corner with a little speech bubble that says "It's not really about science. Shh..." or something like that to suggest that Sessions doesn't care about sending innocent people to prison because he's a racist.
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I saw one on my local group that said "Evidence-Based Policy, Not Policy-Based Evidence" which I thought was pretty awesome.
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"Science is not a Liberal Conspiracy"
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One side of my sign will have a drawing of a rising sun and "Let There Be Data". I'm not sure about the other side.
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Thanks, all. Keep the ideas comin'.
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