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My wife bought me this concert poster for The Mountain Goats. I love them, and have a pretty good grip on their back catalog, but I also know that there's big chunks of it I've never heard. Does this poster reference any single song or album?

Other notes, it's fromJanuary 2012. The tour was with opening band with the Nurses at a stop in Atlanta GA. The artist I can't make out. Ask me any other details that might be relevant that I missed....
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It might be a really literal interpretation of Age of Kings, and since that song came out in 2011 it's a decent match chronology-wise.
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Their art can be pretty non-representational. I have a t-shirt from them that bears the image of a giant octopus. Relevance? No idea, except that octopuses are pretty metal.
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In case it's helpful, this site list the artist as Robert Lee (Methane Studios).
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It doesn't ring any bells with me, although I'm not a completist. But the Christian/historical symbolism combined with the self-sabotage going on there certainly seems...goaty!
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The album that came out the year before is All Eternals Deck, which is named after a fictional tarot deck and contains Age of Kings that liamcampbell mentioned. The poster appears to have references to both tarot decks and various imagery from that song.
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Thanks! Seems legit to me.

A bonus favorite for metal octopi.
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I love this, and you might like to know that John recently started a petition to Give Spiders All the Help They Need to Eat Every Human on Earth Within One Year

I also have the metal octopi shirt. John signed it in permanent marker, and I've worn it so often the signature has worn off.
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