Question about children's book involving a goat.
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Children's BookFilter: So, I am asking for a friend of mine. As a kid she read a book about a girl or boy who saved a little goat from getting killed. There were perhaps some horses involved. And the girl liked to paint. We need to know the name of this book....

So from her:

It was about a girl (or maybe it was a boy) that saved a little boy goat from getting killed (apparently boy goats make the milk taste bad) and then raised it and then showed it and it won a prize. The goat was perhaps brown and white. It was one of those scholastic "you're getting older and can read 'novels'" type of book with a big picture on the cover of the brown goat and maybe a horse. The girl liked to paint and painted a picture of the horse and the goat.

This would've been mid 80s/early 90s time frame.

Anyone know the name of this book? We've ruled out "Zlateh the Goat".
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Best answer: Hmm...was it this? No cover picture, but it mentions a girl trying to save a goat. Published in 1991 by Scholastic.
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Response by poster: Nice work PeriDoe. This is right!!! Thanks!!
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