What is this old school kind of brushy font?
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I know I used to see this font on the cover of, say, Boy Scouts manuals, or old books, etc. I feel like I should know what it is! But I can't remember.

I found this "Signboard" font but I think it must be derived from an older font, since I am pretty sure I used to see this font used in old titles. It has a great vintage feel I'm trying to recreate, but this free font only has a normal weight. What the Font and Identifont both came up empty for this sample. Does anyone remember what the original font family is called? Thanks all! (Signboard sample here)
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Mistral? Choc? ITC Banco Heavy?
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The original name of this font is Cartoon, released in 1936. According to the page on Fonts in Use:
There are various digitizations of the Bold, of mixed quality. The one offered by The Font Company under the original name looks squeezed. Others include Adineski Bold by David Rakowski/Intecsas, Caricature by Fontbank, and Cancun by Corel.
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Ah, yes, of course! The original Of Mice and Men. 1936. Perfect. Thanks!
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