Sixties Dance Crazes
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On this page of Dance crazes from the Sixties, at the bottom there is a fair amount of dances that are not described. If you can describe one that you know, that would be awesome. Or, a place where I can find out more.
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Immediately, without hesitation, go out and rent yourself "Hairsray" by John Waters. Get the DVD. Listen to his commentary.

Several of the dances listed at the bottom of that page (whish is awesome by the way) — such as The Madison, The Pony and The Pogo — are performed in that movie.

Also, simply listening to several of the songs the dances are named after (such as "The Cool Jerk") will describe in detail how to do the dances.
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Also, the Hipster Go Go girls have a list of dances on their site with and a section with pictures and instructions on hwo to do various dances.
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Or go buy a bootleg DVD off the Internet of the 2002 Broadway version of "Hairspray" (or far better yet, get tickets to the show, if it's playing near you). The choreographer, on John Waters' instructions, was careful to include dances up to 1962, when the show is set, but nothing that came after that point. The "Shake A Tail Feather", the "Dirty Boogie", and others are mentioned by name and demonstrated for the audience.
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Please don't go see the musical. It is a very liberal interpretation of the movie. I saw it and felt I'd wasted $60. (No offense to Asparagirl but it really sucked.)

At least watch the movie first, THEN go see the musical if you must.
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IIRC, the Mashed Potato is essentially the same step as the Charleston basic step.
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Also, Group Dances of the 50s.
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Annotated Madison steps.
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