higher quality/look comfy men's pants (that may resemble Betabrand)
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I know that Betabrand sells men's 'dress pant sweat pants', which I like the idea of. However, the BB folks say that the waist band is not elastic. Ideally I'd like something that is both of those things (dress pant sweatpant + easily adjustable waist) due to stomach problems and upcoming surgery thing. Can't really seem to find anything like this?

Sure, I could wear my $12 flannel big box store pajamas, but I'd prefer not to wear those to work if I can avoid it. Typical adjustable waist chinos are not my thing, but I'll go there if I have to. I'm already super skinny due to health issues, so finding a 30ish+ waist size is likely not a problem for me.

Of late I've been wearing slightly big jeans with one of those nice super-granularly adjustable-size belts; I just suspect that I might not be able to tolerate it after I get the medical stuff done, for a while, hence the search for the extra-comfy pants.

Thanks mefiters. : )
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I haven't worn these, but maybe the pants made by the Pajama Jeans people?
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(The khakis, at least, claim to have a pull-on/drawstring waist.)
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You could get a pair of dress pants with a loose enough waist and wear it with suspenders. It's really comfortable.
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I bought my husband Outlier pants and they are amazing. They are tailored like your typical office wear and look 100% work appropriate, even if you look really close, but they are super stretchy and bendy. They are made from a tech material that looks like typical high end men's suit fabric but feels like yoga pants. As a bonus it does not wrinkle, ever, and repels stains like crazy. I bought their classic style but they have others in the same fabric.

Cheap alternative: look for "waist extender" online (example).
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I would take a look at REI (only place I know of with a really big selection). A lot of their pants are for people doing things like climbing, etc and can be pretty stretchy.

Good luck.
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Uniqlo makes joggers/sweats with belt loops even (not that you would be wearing a belt, but as a measure of work-appropriateness).
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You might have good luck with Gramicci's "G" series pants. They're elastic waist with an integrated cinch belt. They're frequently available on Sierra Trading Post, so the investment is pretty small. They've currently got the Climber G, Freedom G, and Original G available for under 30 bucks. The climber and freedom versions have a bit of stretch in the fabric, but even without stretch I've found their pants to be very easy-fitting and comfortable.
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Try Sweat Tailor. Not an elastic waist, but a good amount of give, and they look like fairly normal pants.
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I have a male friend who wears Lulu lemon pants and I definitely didn't realize they were "athleisure" on first glance. They're pricey but really nice.
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