Looking for fiction books with a mix of English and Spanish
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I'm slowly trying to pick up some Spanish, and one thing I thought might be helpful in addition to classes/duolingo would be reading some primarily English-language fiction that incorporates some Spanish throughout. A good example that I'm currently in the middle of is "The Gringo Champion" by Aura Xilonen. Ideally I'm looking for something like what "The Clockwork Orange" does for Russian, but for Spanish.

I am particularly interested in fabulism and ghost stories, but that is by no means necessary. Generally just looking for well written, engaging fiction with a mix of English and Spanish. Thanks in advance!
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I believe Junot Diaz's books do that.
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Cormac McCarthy often integrates Spanish into his books (most notably in the Border Trilogy) but he's less 'fabulism and ghost stories' and more 'grim depressing nihilism' so ...
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