I just want to watch the cake burn!
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I've recently heard lore about a cake that caught on fire during a Food Network Challenge, as seen in this Cake Wrecks post. Sadly, the video of this incident is offline.

I especially wanted to see the whole episode when I learned that the contestant, Stevie Famulari, may have held a grudge against the judge, Kerry Vincent, that the cake was made for [1, 2].

I've been able to determine that the episode was either Episode 3 or 4 from Season 8 of the Food Network Challenge, and aired in 2008.

It isn't On Demand on my cable. It's not for sale on Amazon. I've searched online. I need to watch this episode! Can you help me?
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Season 8, Episode 4: Surprise Birthday Cake

In this Challenge, four veteran competitors must make a birthday cake for the ultimate Mystery Client, a person of exquisite taste and discrimination. It is Kerry Vincent, wedding cake designer, Hall of Fame Sugar Artist, and frequent Challenge judge.

(Episode 3 was about cakes based on a horror story.)

Nothing at all on USENET. Can't check torrent sites where I am right now.
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No-go on torrents, that I can see.
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Thanks for checking.
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