MP3 files seemingly scrambled after Android update.
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Android stopped recognizing about a third of my mp3 files after a recent update. Any suggestions?

I have roughly 12,000 mp3 files on my SD card, almost entirely compressed to 192kbps. None of them have DRM protection. After updating Android last week, somewhere around 30% of the files have been stripped of their ID3 tags and are not recognized by Android's stock player, BlackPlayer EX, or VLC. I downloaded an ID3 repair app which corrected the tags, but the media players still won't play the files. I've deleted and replaced the files. I've done a factory reset of the phone with no success. I've also transferred a handful of files from the SD card to the internal storage; no luck with that either. Is there anything else I can try?
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Have you tried transferring them to another phone or a computer to see if they play there?
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Response by poster: They play fine on my computer. I'll try my wife's Galaxy later. Thanks for the idea.
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