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What to say to twitter to best get verified - what are they looking for?

I have a professional public presence nationally, I am *good* friends with a few major celebrities who follow me and regularly tweet me back and forth, their fanbases - especially one - get really confused about who I am and why or how I know her and just involve me in all kinds of things to do with her fan base and have made me a part of her story, however I have my own fan base too. I really do think a verified sign would help with a large majority of contusion and other harassment, and I really want people to know no other accounts are me. Also- it doesn't hurt my career to be verified. It engenders trust.

In the request form, I had to write a bit about why i need to be verified. What sort of things are they looking for here? How can I say my reasons in a way that will get through?
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I'd be willing to bet that if you wrote the reasons you listed here, calling out who the actual celebrities are, they'd be more than willing to grant you the checkmark.
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I wish (and expected) that were the case but they sent some generic disapproval message. I only called out one of the celebrities by name though. Difficult part was I couldn't explain it all because it's limited to something like 140 characters. Anything or any other way of phrasing this to help get me verified based on these issues?
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You get 500 characters. I said that I am a woman on the internet which seemed to help? Explaining that you are frequently confused with other people might help. Saying that people try to impersonate you might help. Saying that you are harassed might help. Also note that you have to give a real name and phone number in most cases to get verified which is a dealbreaker for some people.
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