Where to buy polyhedral dice near Slabtown, Portland, OR?
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I'm DMing a game tonight, and I forgot my dice at home. I'm carless and pretty busy in Portland's Slabtown district (deepish NW). Does anybody know the closest place I could buy a set of polyhedral dice? I know I could go to Powell's, but that'd take about an hour. Ideas?
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The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium at NW 22nd & Thurman has a diverse assortment of geeky-leaning stuff in their gift store. You could call them and see if they have dice. (503) 227-3164

Or, could someone in the game bring dice with them?
Or, I don't know if this is frowned on in the gaming community, but what about an app or online die roller?
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If you're at staying in NW, Powells is probably still your best bet, though I've never bought dice there... There are a lot of game shops, but none I can find in NW. If you're crossing the river for your game, Guardian Games is close -in SE. A quick Uber away, perhaps.
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You probably know this already, but there are some great android and iOS dice apps.
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Thanks, all. I can borrow some dice. I'll be mocked, but I suppose it is a deserved fate.

(We play AD&D 2nd Edition. There are no apps in 1989!)
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(We play AD&D 2nd Edition. There are no apps in 1989!)

Maybe not apps, but I'm pretty sure this or similar products were on the shelf during that era, and there was always that one kid who had a dice roller program on their TI-81 graphing calculator. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss electronic solutions, even if they invite their own mockery, either today, or back in 1989.
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