Uh, is my license suspended? How would I know?
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I recently went on a date with a prosecutor for the District Attorney's office. At some point, talking about our wild youth, I mentioned I racked up a bunch of parking tickets in NY in the 90's, moved to a new state (CA) and changed my name. (Not because of the parking tickets btw) My date said that if I was pulled over in NY State my driving privileges might be suspended. Even thought I don't have a license here anymore. Is this true or was she just trying to intimidate a tinder date?
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New York State DMV says that they suspend vehicle registrations and the ability to register vehicles for parking tickets, but not licenses.

On the other hand, there could be a warrant for your arrest for unpaid parking tickets.
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The statute of limitations for parking tickets in New York state is eight years. If the tickets are from the 90's, you're probably safe.
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I wouldn't be so sure about the statute of limitations protecting you - I am not your lawyer nor licensed to practice law in NY nor more than remotely familiar with this area of law in general, but this is one of the first links I found.
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For some things, leaving the state or jurisdiction suspends the statute of limitation period.
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If any of the tickets are moving violations rather than parking tickets, you could definitely be suspended. Parking tickets, I think probably not.
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Link to DMV explanation.
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In any case, "trying to intimidate you" seems like an overreaction. She could be wrong but still have been trying to help you with a friendly warning.
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Call them and ask.
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