Can you recommend a carpenter in Toronto for a secret bookshelf door?
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I'm hoping to install two secret doors disguised as bookshelves in my house in Toronto, and this seems more complex than my limited Ikea skills. Can you recommend a carpenter or other professional in Toronto (or surrounding) that might be able to help with such a job?
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Not sure if this helps, but if you want to DIY - or provide plans to a carpenter, this looks pretty cool.
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Have you looked at Murphy Doors? They've got off the rack and DIY solutions that should simplify things.
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Are you on Next Door? I get most of my recommendations from there. Or Yelp.
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Home Depot sells a ready-to hang bookcase door. I might have the link at home, memail me if you want me to check.
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Lee Valley sells the hardware to make a concealed door.
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