Where to buy robust men's flat front wool dress slacks?
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Wool slacks that won't disintegrate?

I need to get some new men's flat front wool slacks to go with various blazers. I purchased a pair I really like the fit of from Suit Supply last year but they disintegrated in the crotch area literally after 15 wears. I didn't think the fit was out of wack and they were quite expensive so I was disappointed and not sure I want to get slacks again from them. Any recommendations for alternatives to buy quality wool slacks from?
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I'm working on the same problem! So far:

Jos. A Bank - not that durable

LL Bean - pretty good so far (after several months), but the fit seems large (usually get trim fit, they don't have trim fit, and the most recent pairs had a full extra 1" in the waist too -- however, they are being really great to work with and are sending out another pair for us to try). Also, they don't come in black for some reason, only dark gray.

May have more to report later today.
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I haven't bought Bonobos wool pants, but their chinos are really sturdy. I have a pair from J Crew (more of a thicker brushed wool fabric) that seem solid, but I don't wear them enough to really endorse hardiness.
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I bought 3 identical pairs (different colors) from Brooks Brothers during one of their occasional sales. Still going strong after 1.5 years on rotation. (I'm pretty easy on 'em, though.) I'll probably augment with another 2-3 pairs next Christmas.
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Brooks Brothers is the recommended standard for that sort of thing IME, although I gave up trying because their stuff never fit me. If your build is more average than mine though it should be a good place to start.

I get nearly all my dress slacks and suits from a locally-owned specialty shop and they've served me very well. Have you tried that approach?
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Brooks Brothers is my standard wool slack, and I've never had a pair disintigrate like that.
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Brooks Brothers sometimes has pants available in whipcord which is a tight, heavy weave and something to consider if you do actually want something unusually durable.
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Response by poster: My thighs are fairly big from weightlifting so that is always and issue to.
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Brooks now has a variety of fits, I believe. If you've got large legs from the weights, fit anywhere may be a challenge, but having several possible starting points for the inevitable tailoring might make the final finished product a better fit.
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Look for slacks that are partially lined. These have silk or a rayon-type fabric to the knee which helps reduce the rubbing. Jos A Bank wool pants (example) come partially lined.
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Eddie bauer
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To clarify, Eddie Bauer has very nice wool pants, but they are only available online. They're expensive, but go on sale periodically. Order them unhemmed, and get a local tailor to hem them for you.
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