Streaming (or broadcast) coverage of the Womxn's March(es)?
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So my wife has decided we're staying home Saturday, which is disappointing to me, but our household agreement was unambiguous with regard to leadership on this issue. I would like every TV in the house showing hundreds of thousands of marchers all day tomorrow, just as every TV in this house Friday was cold and black. We live in Seattle, so I would prefer all-day local on-air coverage of our local march intercut with DC, but obviously I do not expect broadcast outlets to do that. So, can streamers? I expect locals elsewhere will also want to find streamers over the course of the day, so if you have a decent URL of streaming coverage for any march anywhere in the country, please drop it here! Thanks!
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NYC march webcast on the Human First Society website begins at 10:30 AM Eastern.
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Democracy is streaming mixed with interviews all day
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PBS Newshour and the Washington Post are both live streaming the march on Facebook.
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Response by poster: Here's the democracy now url:
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It's not quite "coverage" as much as just images but I like watching the National Mall in DC filling up.
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Response by poster: That is one of the things I was hoping to find, jessamyn! Thank you.

Still no hosted coverage here locally (which, who cares) but KIRO is providing a live chopper feed over Judkins Park, our assembly area, and teasing live updates on their site. Presumably the other local media operations will have similar online oferrings as they have in the past.
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Response by poster: Here's KOMO's chopper feed. Terrible website for mobile / iOS, be warned.
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Response by poster: Interesting to note that with the exception of the YT feeds, these streamers are disabled for casting via chomecast or airplay, at least on my iPad.
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Response by poster: as of about 11:45a our time the KIRO feed didd a long pan from large masses of people still waiting to get underway at Judkins to the front of the march around the bend at Yesler heading up toward the business district, more than two miles of people.
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Response by poster: And just now, back to the park. People still waiting to go.
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Response by poster: End of day reports sourced to SPD by KING put Seattle march at 130k.

That seems in line with the 2.x multiplier in effect on other marches across the country with regard to pre-event estimates, including DC's 200k to 500k. LA's estimates are astonishing, though. LAPD estimated 500k before the end of the day and organizers have been claiming 750k. I have seen what are likely nonrigorous estimates of over 1m.

It was interesting to me in the Seattle coverage that even lowball estimates of actual attendance in the area of 100k were described was larger than WTO. SPD apparently now has a policy of not disseminating formal estimates, which was a point of contention during WTO and around the Gulf War v.1 march, and I believe, around the Gulf War v.2 march. Policies that reduce or limit the atmosphere of conflict and intimidation between police and protesters are beneficial to society.

I'm not sold on the idea that an attendance estimate of 100-120k exceeds WTO, however. Downtown was packed like a mosh pit from Pike to Yesler and from 1st to 6th, with huge numbers of cops and military hardware as well as marchers, protsters, and gawkers.

I intend to ask local historian and countercultural doyen Paul Dorpat to put his mind to work on the matter.
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Response by poster: Google docs crowd estimates. Current global low: 3.7m. high: 4.5m. Too many rows to scroll to Seattle EOD optimistic estimates. By 11p verbally I had heard 175k.
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