sneakers for gym and street!
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Please recommend shoes that I can wear from street to the gym and back!

I am looking for something that sits somewhere between full-on running shoes (that I'd wear to the gym) and leather oxfords (that I usually wear with my street clothes). Possibly something along the lines of Keds, but I can also imagine sporty shoes that have a street-ok style.

I know there are plenty of people who wear running shoes casually, and that's super cool, but I don't want to do that. I would rather looking a little more weird in the gym than on the street. So I guess really I am looking for street looking shoes that I can run in.

Looking for small women's sizes.
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Right off the bat, cant think of a specific shoe that would fit that description - maybe Stella McCartneys line for Adidas?
or check out Stylerunner for ideas. they have a pretty cool selection of more unusual running/chill out sneakers.
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Maybe something link SAS' Women's Free Time or Women's Sporty?
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My to-and-from shoes are Nike Air Zoom Pegasus similar to these in a dark colorway. They're definitely on the running shoe side of the spectrum, but sleek enough not to look goofy on the street. Otherwise, I'd also suggest the Stella McCartney Adidas line, and Adidas has done some other really cool lines and designer collaborations lately.

Two things that might throw a wrench in this plan, however: first, many gyms don't allow you to wear the same shoes that you wear outside, even if they are gym shoes, because they might germ up the floors and equipment. Second, depending on your activity and physical quirks, you may have really specific needs for your shoes. I can use the elliptical in almost any generic gym shoes, but for running I need a specific (and unfortunately dorky) style or else my feet will hurt. Other people can run in street shoes with no immediate effects.
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I feel like, depending on the color you choose, a lot of the New Balance Fresh Foam series can look pretty sharp outside the gym.
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I own these shoes from Ecco that might work for you. Here are a couple similar options from Ecco: option one, option two, option three

Awhile back, I also owned a pair of shoes from Puma that were along these lines. This shoe seems like the most similar current model to what I owned.

The versions of these shoes I owned were all reasonably comfortable, although if you're planning on doing intensive exercise at the gym, I'm not sure how well they would work for that.
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I wear New Balance Minimus (in an older model than the linked shoe). Another low profile joggable shoe is the Sketchers Unity.

Of course, another strategy that might work depending on your gym's rules and norms is to just work out in bare feet. I am lucky to have strong arches due to no effort of my own and also prefer HIIT / weights-oriented exercises, so I just stash whatever my daily shoes / boots are in the locker and enter the gym in socks.

[This aspect of not having to bring any additional equipment aside from a change of shirt / shorts to the gym is a big part of why I choose 'the gym' as my exercise source.]
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FTR any place I've worked out would not appreciate (tolerate) you using shoes that you use outdoors also in the gym environment. Das dirty!
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I'm not quite clear on the aesthetic you're looking for, but I feel like it's basically a casual but functional stylish sneaker? I wear small women's sizes and I have a pair of the Reebok Skyscape Runaround 2.0. I find them adorable and quite comfortable. They are very Keds-like, but made of a bra-like material instead of canvas, are machine washable, and have cushy insoles and a very minimal sole. I have walked miles in them, but I wouldn't run in them. They're so light and minimalist that the shock absorption, while comfy and adequate for daily wear, just isn't what you would want for serious running.

I'm not sure whether it's super important that it's a shoe built for athletic performance, or if you're just using "I can run in them" as shorthand for a general level of comfortable functionality above that of a more formal shoe. I think there are plenty of smart-casual sneakers and the like, of different levels of sportiness, that are between "ashamed to wear anywhere except the gym" and "why in the world are you wearing me to the gym? I'm a real shoe!"
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