Spoken word section from a song in my head - what's it from?
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There's a spoken word section in a song that drifted into my head and I'm trying to remember what that song is. Here's what I recall - it's brief, a fairly deep and scholarly man's voice giving spiritual type advice with some swirly, electronic/ambient/tinkling music underneath.

He says something like "Observe those..." or "Take those...". I'm thinking it's a band like The Orb or FSOL (I listen to a lot of similar artists). The voice is very clear and upfront, not buried in the mix. What is this track I'm half remembering?
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I have doubts that this is the correct answer — I wouldn't call the voice “deep” or “scholarly” — but the first thing that came to my mind was Guided Smile Meditation at the end of Vulfpeck's Thrill of the Arts.
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Maybe too obvious, but Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)?
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The full version of Here Comes the Flood from Robert Fripp's Exposure? Or the title track?
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Could it be Hooverphonic? Magenta, from Blue Wonder Power Milk has a guy with a deep voice speaking -- saying things like "look up", "look right", "turn the world magenta". The music could reasonably be described as "swirly, electronic/ambient/tinkling". Listen starting around 2:10.

I think some of their other songs have spoken word bits as well.
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Was the guy speaking maybe Terence McKenna? he released some of his own albums but was also sampled by psytrance acts like Shpongle.
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A bit more came to me - pretty sure the words "hold on" are spoken.
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In the Name of the Father by Gavin Friday?
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There's a ton of Alan Watts lectures set to music, mostly on Youtube, but he's also been heavily sampled. Here's one on Youtube, for example.
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It came to me. It's from PM Dawn's "Jesus Wept" - the intro.
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I was going to suggest several songs from the album Haunted by Poe, but on preview, never mind!
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