European Brands: Bakeware Bugaloo
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My previous question on European cookware brands was so very helpful in my slow yet steady betterment of my cookware. Now it's time to do the same for bakeware.

My only sheet pan is starting to rust out as are a couple of nonstick quiche/flan and roaster style pans.

I make a lot of quiche, lasagna, oven baked kiddie pleasers, muffins, yogurt cakes, and at least 4 American style layer cakes a year. Also meatloaf and banana bread type quick breads, but my Pyrex loaf pans are still in pretty good shape, so no rush there for now.

I've seen Emile Henry and Revol for porcelain, Decora and Master Class for cake pans. What other brands should I scope out?

Addendum: Not currently interested in silicone. I have a crapload sitting in my cupboard that a friend leaving town gifted to us and in spite of repeated and varied tries, I just don't like it.
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La Cuisine is a great brick and mortar store in Alexandria, VA that has an online presence. If I were you, I would explore their online bakeware section and their cookware section for ideas (they carry a mix of European and American products). Most items have a "product details" section that provides useful additional information.
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Hmm, hit reply to soon ... sigh. Coming back to add that I'm not suggesting you order from La Cuisine, just that you mine it for the European brand names of products they recommend, since they really are better than the usual at sourcing and testing the products they carry.
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I've recently bought two IKEA roasting pans and they are serving me well. I'm not an IKEA fan but when it works, I go for it. You could also look at pyrex pans, not least because you are happy with the ones you have.
My COOP had an offer on Fontignac products and I bought some because they were dirt cheap and they look nice. I haven't tried them out yet.
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As an aside, consider using the silicone bakeware for freezing food--I agree it's terrible for baking. But it's found a surprisingly good life in my kitchen for making muffin-sized-hokey-pucks of homemade frozen oatmeal or egg-cups, for example.
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I inherited a bunch of these Kaiser (can you get more european than this?) branded baking pans -- they're still going strong after 40-odd years of intense usage.
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