What is the best service to track ebook pricing?
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My beloved Luzme.com has been down for weeks now with no specific date to come back online, other than "January 2017." In the meantime, what other services exist that will let me find the lowest price for ebooks?

I have a NOOK Simple Touch ereader, and it works fine so I'm not in the market to replace it with a Kindle, bring my tablet on the train every day, or read books on my phone. The downside is that Barnes and Noble's (and Google Play's) pricing for ebooks is so high that I usually end up buying my books elsewhere, and using Calibre. I'm a heavy library user, but if it comes to waiting 5 months to read something, or spending $2.99 to read it now, I'll spend the $2.99.

When it was working, Luzme would keep a list of books I wanted to read and track the pricing each day on Amazon, B&N, Google, Kobo, and Apple Books. So I could go there every day and see if there were sales. Or, I'd get email alerts when prices dropped. And if I made the purchase through Luzme's link, they'd get a cut through a referral program, and I didn't care.

Free services are preferred but not mandatory, and I don't mind if the site makes money from referrals to Amazon/B&N/Apple/etc.

Thank you!
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It's not a cross-site option (Kindle books only), but it is the alternative I've been using since I've noticed that Luzme wasn't updating my wishlist (even if I did it manually) or sending me emails for...a lot of months.
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I too miss Luzme's email alerts. Goodreads Deals has started doing daily deal alerts, though. You can opt in or out for these categories:
-Deals from your Want To Read shelf
-Deals for authors you've read before
-Deals by genre - a half dozen options
-Which online stores to include
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Hi Googlers from the future!

It's March and Luzme is still down but in the meantime I found BookBub which scratches the itch perfectly.
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