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My awesome friend got engaged this Christmas to an equally awesome fella. They are rocking the Vegas Wedding and would love some ideas/suggestions.

They are not looking to spend big - i would guess under $2,000 for the whole shebang. Small reception for 15-20 people.

The stratosphere has been rejected, so big casino wedding is not in the cards.

They are both into indie, nontraditional stuff. There was talk of a reception at the Neon Sign museum.

Vegas minded MeFites - what are some awesome Vegas places for indie, nerdy, soon to be married folk?
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I always thought it might be fun to get married in a gondola at the Venetian.

It looks like several of their packages are within your price range, butt I can't really tell if that includes food and drink. But you may be able to read the literature better than I, or call them up and have someone clarify.

The downside to the gondola is that your guests have to watch from the edge of the canal. But it looks like some of the packages where you and your guests stand on a bridge overlooking the canal are in your price range too. The last time I was there, There were weddings going on in both, and it was absolutely beautiful.
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When I was planning my wedding, I found it really helpful to look at accounts of real weddings in my town from A Practical Wedding (can't figure out how to link to the location set to Las Vegas) and Offbeat Bride.
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I can verify that the Neon Sign Boneyard is AMAZING. I was just in Vegas in November and we went there and it was SO COOL.
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Get Deidra Wilson as the photographer. She's incredible, and cheap, as wedding photographers go.
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Just a reality check - having a reception for 15-20 people will probably cost $75 per person. That's $1500 right there, and doesn't include reserving a space or alcohol or anything else. Vegas is wicked expensive, which is one reason I decided to not get married there. You can do the cheap ceremony, but once you try to feed people and give them drinks, your budget goes out the window.

I have a friend who got married in Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Vegas. That's a cheap, beautiful alternative for the ceremony. Grab a chaplain, and head out until you find a spot you like.
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