Three Days Somewhere Warm and Relaxed to Get Work Done
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I'm in NYC and need to complete 20 hours worth of super annoying editorial work. Was thinking of going somewhere warm to do it.

Great fares to Miami and Orlando right now, but those destinations are too stimulating (as are Dallas/Austin, NOLA, LA). I need somewhere lazy and chill, great weather and walking, nothing too urban or fun-resort-ish. San Diego would be an option, but airfare would be cheaper if I stayed east coast-ish. I've never been to Bermuda, but assume lodging's expensive. I'm toying with idea of driving to South Carolina (good hotels cheap), but I'm not guaranteed good weather, plus it's a long ride.
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Tampa/St Pete
Nowhere near as exciting as Miami or Orlando, still Florida, lots of hotel options.
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Response by poster: Resorts are actually ok (if not too pricey), just not particularly FUN resorts!
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Guadalupe or Martinique might work.
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I recently flew into Punta Gorda, FL (per's recomendation), rented a car and drove to Manasota Key (about a 30-40 minute drive) where my mom and I Air BnB'd a beachfront condo. Manasota Key is lovely, but very off the beaten track old Florida-y. The beachcombing and shelling is top notch, but there ain't much of anything else going on there. Stop at a grocery store before you get there and you won't have to go anywhere or do anything except your work and walk along the beach looking for conch shells and shark's teeth.
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Oh, but if you do book Norwegian, don't pick an airplane seat as they'll charge you for that. You can select your seat when checking in by kiosk or ask the person checking you in for the type of seat you prefer.
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Seconding St. Pete, and can specifically recommend (based on budget) the Vinoy as a place to stay. Chill, really nice, and great view of sailboats.
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maybe Naples. It's not far from Miami airport, it's warm, pretty, and unbelievably dull. I think you should be looking all around the Florida coast, you will certainly find someplace that works for you.
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Option 1: Fly to Tampa (or Sarasota, but Tampa usually cheaper). Stay on one of the keys south of Tampa between Bradenton and Saratoga: Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key. I'm partial to Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island. These beach communities have enough restaurants, bars, grocery stores so that you don't feel isolated, but lack the 100% party-town tourist tackiness.

Option 2: Fly to Ft. Myers. Stay in Sanibel, Captiva, Cape Coral, Naples, Marco Island. Recommend avoiding Ft. Myers Beach (Jersey-shore / Coney Island touristy) & Ft. Myers itself (not enough waterfront, sketchy in spots).

Option 3: fly to Miami/Ft Lauderdale. Stay in upper Keys: Key Largo, Plantation Key/ Tavernier, Islamorada.

Note, this is the high season for south Florida so it may be difficult and/or pricey to find accommodations, esp for 2 or 3. Also, for any option you will likely require a rental car.
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Why not go somewhere in the inland south? Maybe like a Birmingham?
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Response by poster: Kevinbelt, I like the idea, but airfare is high, and weather is not guaranteed.
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What about Port Aransas, Texas? Decent weather, sleepy town on weekdays. It gets busier on weekends, especially during summer. Spring break is a mad house. But it is a lovely, relaxing spot this time of year.

However, it is really windy. The first time I went, I spent the entire time thinking a terrible storm was on its way. Nope, it is just one of the windiest spots in North America. Once I understood that, I was fine with it. Just mentioning it in case it is a deal breaker for you.

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If you can figure out the lodging, go to Bermuda. I had to attend all sorts of awful sales meetings in various cities and island locations, and Bermuda stole my heart. Beautiful, low key, people are so kind.
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Orlando? Too exciting? :) You could avoid the fun parks and go someplace like Winter Park, Gilded Age playground. Maybe stay at the Alfond Inn. Go to the Morse Museum for a break and look at some Tiffany glass.

If you want beach, you could fly into MCO and drive east an hour. Full of snowbirds this time of year, but still a lot less crowded than Tampa or Miami. Cocoa Beach, Flagler Beach, New Smryna Beach are your best walkable bets.
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Response by poster: Michele, you make a persuasive case for Port Aransas, Texas. Where does one stay there?
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The last time I went, I camped on the beach in a tent. This is probably not what you desire to do. But it means I am wholly unqualified to suggest accommodations. Sorry.
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Response by poster: How did you keep the tent from being blown away in the wind?
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Human bodies are heavy. Me plus two relatives = probably upwards of 450 pounds total.

Let me kindly suggest you google hotel accommodations. They have some right on the beach. If you can afford air fare, you can probably afford an off season hotel stay. If the right on the beach hotels are too pricey, the entire town is less than 4000 people and you wouldn't be more than about a 15 minute walk from a beach, wherever you stay. So going cheaper will not have you crazy far from a lovely white sand beach.
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I've stayed at A Laughing Horse Lodge in Port Aransas and found it comfortable and charming. There are also a number of chain hotels that look to be dirt cheap right now.
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Puerto Rico. We did this while my partner was in medical school and needed to study. We sat on a balcony in the dappled sun coming through a palm tree of a VRBO by day, ate cheap food in little dives and listened to salsa by night. It was lovely and inexpensive, and we were flying from Seattle.
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Response by poster: Problem is Corpus Christi Airport is a $500-800 r/t flight from NY anytime in January (might as well go to Athens!). And 3 hr drive if I fly into San Antonio.

PR is also an expensive flight.
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Response by poster: soren, I don't see flights from NYC to Punta Gorda, but there are $117 r/ts to Ft. Meyers and $200 to Sarasota, so this might work out. Thanks! Not sure why you got 11 favorites; is Manasota Key a "thing" on AskMeFi?
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