Can you ID these toys?
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I found these toys on the ground in my neighborhood months ago and finally photographed them so I could ask you - what are they?

I realize the pink bat is probably a small part of a large set of something and may be impossible to ID - or maybe it's the lead character in some kids' show I've never heard of. The thing on the left looks like a Power Ranger to me, but that's filtered through the lens of someone who was just a bit too old in the 90s to get into the show. The one on the right is the most interesting to me. Every time I look at it I feel like its identity is on the tip of my tongue, but it's been months now and no revelation has been forthcoming so now I'm asking you.

If scale could possibly help, the tallest is ~4 inches / 10 cm in height.
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I am pretty sure the bat is Count Fabulous, Draculaura's pet (Monster High). But I can't find a photo of him in that specific configuration to verify.
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According to my husband, the first one is indeed from a Power Rangers series, Gosei Knight.
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The bat is definitely Monster high, he's the "prize" for the "scarnival" set that includes Draculaura. He's supposed to be a plushie version of her pet. Found here at Walmart
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Not 100% positive but I'm *fairly* sure that the guy on the right is a Matchbox Voltron Robeast Mutilor here on pinterest.....he reminds me a lot of Zorg on Toy Story also but the coloring is different.
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It sure is the Robeast Mutilor - but his purple has faded to a weird pink. Who knows how he got out there in the wild? And Zorg is totally who I was thinking of, so thanks for that.

Thanks for the ID on the other two, you two. Now I can finally toss these toys back out in the street since my curiosity has been satisfied.

(just kidding, they're going in the Goodwill bag of course)
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Any chance you have a nearby geocache?
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