Google Inbox question for regular travellers
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I'm using Google Inbox for Android. I can never download attachments or view images while roaming. Help!

I have the Google Inbox app installed on my Android phone. All the latest updates are always automatically installed.

Whenever I am data roaming, I cannot download or view any attachments or images within the Inbox app.

If I switch to the Gmail app, it works. If I enable Wi-Fi and connect to a hotspot, then it works. If I go back across the border so that I am no longer roaming, it works. If I try and access the Internet with any other app to do something else, that works. Tried with two different phones, same problem. So it seems that Google Inbox really does have a problem while roaming.

Oh regular MeFi travellers - can anyone else confirm or deny my predicament?
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This happens to me all the time, though I hesitate to say 100% of the time. When I'm roaming I also have trouble with Inbox loading mail that isn't in the inbox, like things I've snoozed for future reference or emails I've marked as done. Weirdly, snoozed emails seem to properly un-snooze and be accessible. Anyway, I absolutely confirm that this is a thing. My very boring workaround is just to remember to download attachments (of boarding passes, train tickets, etc) in advance so I won't have to deal with a last minute scramble.

FWIW, I really prefer Inbox, but suspect that it won't be actively developed for very long.
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